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  1. For drugs reimbursed with limited evidence of patient benefits, confirmatory evidence of overall survival (OS) and quality of life (QoL) benefits is important. For QoL data to serve as valuable input to patien...

    Authors: Mikael Svensson, Gabriella Chauca Strand, Carl Bonander, Naimi Johansson and Niklas Jakobsson
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:311
  2. Cancer incidence and mortality vary across the globe, with nearly two-thirds of cancer-related deaths occurring in low- and middle-income countries. The rural-urban disparity in socio-demographic, behavioural,...

    Authors: Divya Khanna, Priyanka Sharma, Atul Budukh, Rajesh Vishwakarma, Anand N. Sharma, Sonali Bagal, Varsha Tripathi, Vijay Kumar Maurya, Pankaj Chaturvedi and Satyajit Pradhan
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:308
  3. Preoperative prediction of International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) stage in patients with epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC) is crucial for determining appropriate treatment strategy. This st...

    Authors: Yinping Leng, Ao Kan, Xiwen Wang, Xiaofen Li, Xuan Xiao, Yu Wang, Lan Liu and Lianggeng Gong
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:307
  4. Patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) who undergo transarterial chemoembolization (TACE) may have varied outcomes based on their liver function and tumor burden diversity. This study aims to assess the ...

    Authors: Jiawei Lin, Jie Li, Yifan Kong, Junhui Yang, Yunjie Zhang, Guoqing Zhu, Zhijie Yu and Jinglin Xia
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:306
  5. There are various recommendations for third-line treatment in mCRC, however, there is no consensus on who is more suitable for particular strategy. Chemotherapy re-use in third-line setting is a common option ...

    Authors: Jingjing Duan, Lila Zhu, Yinghui Shi, Weixue Wang, Tongtong Wang, Tao Ning, Le Zhang, Ming Bai, Hongli Li, Rui Liu, Shaohua Ge, Xia Wang, Yuchong Yang, Zhi Ji, Feixue Wang, Yansha Sun…
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:302
  6. Consensus/evidence-based recommendations for assessing, managing, and monitoring bone health, pain, and mobility in patients with multiple myeloma were developed. This study was conducted to assess the adheren...

    Authors: Ramzi Shawahna, Riad Amer, Husam Salameh, Abdul-Rahman Shawahna, Mohmmad Aljondy and Mohmmad Zain-Aldain
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:301
  7. The quality of life of patients is an important consideration when selecting treatments for localized prostate cancer (PCa). We retrospectively compared sexual function after robot-assisted radical prostatecto...

    Authors: Yoshiyuki Miyazawa, Hidekazu Koike, Daisuke Oka, Hidemasa Kawamura, Nobuteru Kubo, Yuhei Miyasaka, Masahiro Onishi, Takahiro Syuto, Yoshitaka Sekine, Hiroshi Matsui, Tatsuya Ohno and Kazuhiro Suzuki
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:300
  8. CT examination for lung cancer has been carried out for more than 20 years and great achievements have been made in the early detection of lung cancer. However, in the clinical work, a large number of advanced...

    Authors: Jiaming Zhou, Bijun Yu, Peng Guo and Shi Wang
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:299
  9. The surge in the utilization of CT scans for COVID-19 diagnosis and monitoring during the pandemic is undeniable. This increase has brought to the forefront concerns about the potential long-term health conseq...

    Authors: Golshan Mahmoudi, Heidar Toolee, Reza Maskani, Farzaneh Jokar, Milad Mokfi and Ali Hosseinzadeh
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:298
  10. Early hormone-positive breast cancers typically have favorable outcomes, yet long-term surveillance is crucial due to the risk of late recurrences. While many studies associate MMP-11 expression with poor prog...

    Authors: Sébastien Molière, Massimo Lodi, Suzanne Leblanc, Anne Gressel, Carole Mathelin, Fabien Alpy, Marie-Pierre Chenard and Catherine Tomasetto
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:295
  11. IgG4, which plays a pivotal role in the progression of phenotypically diverse tumors, serves as a prognostic marker because of its influence on cancer immunity. Nevertheless, the functions of IgG4 in tongue sq...

    Authors: Hironobu Fukuda, Takeshi Uehara, Tomoyuki Nakajima, Mai Iwaya, Shiho Asaka and Hiroshi Kurita
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:294
  12. Hepatic proteins, including albumin, prealbumin, and transferrin have been confirmed to be prognostic predictors in various cancers. This study aimed to comprehensively assess the prognostic value of these thr...

    Authors: Jia-Xin Huang, Xi Zhang, Meng Tang, Qi Zhang, Li Deng, Chun-Hua Song, Wei Li, Han-Ping Shi and Ming-Hua Cong
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:293
  13. PANoptosis is a specific type of inflammatory programmed cell death (PCD) modality that can be involved in three key modes of cellular programmed cell death-pyroptosis, apoptosis and necroptosis. We analyzed P...

    Authors: Yan Xu, Jingqi Hua, Hongliang Que, Tengyue Zeng, Quan Li, Junpeng Deng and Jianjun Xie
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:292
  14. For chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection patients, increasing evidence has demonstrated the effectiveness of expanding the indications and applicable population for antiviral therapy. However, the expande...

    Authors: Yuxin Liang, Deyuan Zhong, Zilong Zhang, Yuhao Su, Su Yan, Chunyou Lai, Yutong Yao, Ying Shi, Xiaolun Huang and Jin Shang
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:291

    The Correction to this article has been published in BMC Cancer 2024 24:343

  15. Primary prostate cancer with metastasis has a poor prognosis, so assessing its risk of metastasis is essential.

    Authors: Qihuan Fu, Li Luo, Ruixia Hong, Hang Zhou, Xinzhi Xu, Yujie Feng, Kaifeng Huang, Yujie Wan, Ying Li, Jiaqi Gong, Xingyan Le, Xiu Liu, Na Wang, Jiangbei Yuan and Fang Li
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:290
  16. Prostate cancer screening is a crucial preventive element for improving the survival rates of prostate cancer. Therefore, our research objective was to investigate the effect of health belief model-based educa...

    Authors: Marwa Ibrahim Mahfouz Khalil, Ayat Ashour, Reem Said Shaala, Rasha Mahmoud Allam, Thoraya Mohamed Abdelaziz and Enas Fouad Sayed Mousa
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:289
  17. Although HPV prophylactic vaccines can provide effective immune protection against high-risk HPV infection, studies have shown that the protective effect provided by them would decrease with the increased age ...

    Authors: Yunwen Zhang, Sijing Liu, Mengdie Chen, Qian Ou, Sicheng Tian, Jing Tang, Zhiqun He, Zhaobin Chen and Chuan Wang
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:288
  18. Ampullary adenocarcinoma (AMPAC) is a rare malignancy, treated as pancreatic or intestinal cancer based on its histologic subtype. Little is known about the genomic features of Chinese patients with AMPAC.

    Authors: Zhang Dong, Wan Chong, Chen Chen, Li Qi, Li Mengke, Dou Minghui, Yuan Jiawei, Quan Longxi, Liu Hengchao, Jia Liu and Geng Zhimin
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:286
  19. Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans (DFSP) has a high recurrence rate after resection. Because of the lack of specific manifestations, recurrent DFSP is easily misdiagnosed as post-resection scar. A few series hav...

    Authors: Xia Gong, Jia Li, Angang Ding, Jiaxin Zuo, Yamin Rao, Jun Chen and Ping Xiong
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:285
  20. This study aims to investigate the expression of UBQLN1 in lung cancer (LC) tissue and the diagnostic capability of autoantibody to UBQLN1 (anti-UBQLN1) in the detection of LC and the discrimination of pulmona...

    Authors: Yulin Wang, Songyun Ouyang, Man Liu, Qiufang Si, Xue Zhang, Xiuzhi Zhang, Jiaqi Li, Peng Wang, Hua Ye, Jianxiang Shi, Chunhua Song, Kaijuan Wang and Liping Dai
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:283
  21. Methylation of the promoters of SHOX2 and RASSF1A (LungMe®) exhibits promise as a potential molecular biomarker for diagnosing lung cancer. This study sought to assess the aberrant methylation of SHOX2 and RAS...

    Authors: Jian Liu, Tingting Bian, Bin She, Lei Liu, Hui Sun, Qing Zhang, Jun Zhu, Jianguo Zhang and Yifei Liu
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:282
  22. No widely used prognostic tool exists to demonstrate the benefit of oxaliplatin plus 5-fluorouracil/leucovorin (FOLFOX4) in patients with advanced hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). We aimed to establish a progno...

    Authors: Jirapat Wonglhow, Patrapim Sunpaweravong, Chirawadee Sathitruangsak and Arunee Dechaphunkul
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:281
  23. The risk category of gastric gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GISTs) are closely related to the surgical method, the scope of resection, and the need for preoperative chemotherapy. We aimed to develop and vali...

    Authors: Jian Wang, Meihua Shao, Hongjie Hu, Wenbo Xiao, Guohua Cheng, Guangzhao Yang, Hongli Ji, Susu Yu, Jie Wan, Zongyu Xie and Maosheng Xu
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:280
  24. Triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) is the most lethal subtype of breast cancer (BC). The circRNA-miRNA‒mRNA axis is a promising biomarker for the early diagnosis and prognosis of BC. However, the critical ci...

    Authors: Jie Ren, Wei Chen, Ya Zhou, Jianxiong Sun and Guoqin Jiang
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:278
  25. Adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase (AMPK) is associated with the development of liver hepatocellular carcinoma (LIHC). AMPKα2, an α2 subunit of AMPK, is encoded by PRKAA2, and functions as the catal...

    Authors: Yan Ouyang, Yan Gu, Xinhai Zhang, Ya Huang, Xianpeng Wei, Fuzhou Tang and Shichao Zhang
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:276
  26. Glioma recurrence, subsequent to maximal safe resection, remains a pivotal challenge. This study aimed to identify key clinical predictors influencing recurrence and develop predictive models to enhance neurol...

    Authors: Wanyu Qiao, Yi Wang, Chen Luo, Jinsong Wu, Guoyou Qin, Jie Zhang and Ye Yao
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:274
  27. Traditional nanodrug delivery systems have some limitations, such as eliciting immune responses and inaccuracy in targeting tumor microenvironments.

    Authors: Xuanbo Da, Bangping Cao, Jiantao Mo, Yukai Xiang, Hai Hu, Chen Qiu, Cheng Zhang, Beining Lv, Honglei Zhang, Chuanqi He and Yulong Yang
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:273
  28. Chemotherapy for metastatic pancreatic adenocarcinoma (PDAC) primarily relies on FOLFIRINOX (LV5FU- irinotecan – Oxaliplatine) and Gemcitabine – Nab-Paclitaxel in the first-line setting. However, second-lines ...

    Authors: A. Gueiderikh, A. Tarabay, M. Abdelouahab, C. Smolenschi, M. L. Tanguy, M. Valery, D. Malka, T. Pudlarz, A. Fuerea, V. Boige, A. Hollebecque, M. Ducreux and A. Boilève
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:272
  29. Previous studies have observed a link between immunophenotypes and lung cancer, both of which are closely associated with genetic factors. However, the causal relationship between them remains unclear.

    Authors: Ming Xu, Chengkai Li, Liyan Xiang, Siyue Chen, Lin Chen, Gongxia Ling, Yanqing Hu, Lan Yang, Xiang Yuan, Xiaodong Xia and Hailin Zhang
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:270
  30. Immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) can lead to life-threatening pneumonitis, and pre-existing interstitial lung abnormalities (ILAs) are a risk factor for checkpoint inhibitor pneumonitis (CIP). However, the ...

    Authors: Xinyue Wang, Jinkun Zhao, Ting Mei, Wenting Liu, Xiuqiong Chen, Jingya Wang, Richeng Jiang, Zhaoxiang Ye and Dingzhi Huang
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:269
  31. Gemcitabine is a cornerstone drug for the treatment of all stages of pancreatic cancer and can prolong the survival of patients with pancreatic cancer, but resistance to gemcitabine in pancreatic cancer patien...

    Authors: Zhe Yang, Feiran Chen, Dafu Wei, Fengping Chen, Haixing Jiang and Shanyu Qin
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:268
  32. Significant advancements in improving ovarian cancer (OC) outcomes have been limited over the past decade. To predict prognosis and improve outcomes of OC, we plan to develop and validate a robust prognosis si...

    Authors: Meixuan Wu, Sijia Gu, Jiani Yang, Yaqian Zhao, Jindan Sheng, Shanshan Cheng, Shilin Xu, Yongsong Wu, Mingjun Ma, Xiaomei Luo, Hao Zhang, Yu Wang and Aimin Zhao
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:267
  33. Immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) are commonly used in conjunction with chemotherapy to improve treatment outcomes for patients with gastric cancer. Since AFP could influence immunity by both inhibiting natu...

    Authors: Jingjing Zhang, Lei Wang, Shasha Zhang, Ruijie Cao, Yufei Zhao, Yue Zhao, Yanrong Song and Zhanjun Guo
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:266
  34. To evaluate the safety and effectiveness of computed tomography (CT)-guided radioactive 125I seeds brachytherapy (RISB) for lung oligometastases (LO) from colorectal cancer (CRC).

    Authors: Mengyao Song, Xueliang Zhou, Rongna Hou, Milan Sigdel, Yiming Liu, Chengzhi Zhang, Kaihao Xu, Xinwei Han and Dechao Jiao
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:265
  35. Patients with advanced gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GISTs) exhibiting an imatinib plasma trough concentration (IM Cmin) under 1100 ng/ml may show a reduced drug response rate, leading to the suggestion of mon...

    Authors: Pan Ran, Tao Tan, Jinjin Li, Hao Yang, Juan Li and Jun Zhang
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:264
  36. Whether Transanal drainage tubes (TDTs) placement reduces the occurrence of anastomotic leakage (AL) after rectal cancer (RC) surgery remains controversial. Most existing meta-analyses rely on retrospective st...

    Authors: Yating Liu, Xuhua Hu, Yu Huang, Xu Yin, Pengfei Zhang, Yaoguang Hao, Hongyan Li and Guiying Wang
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:263
  37. Advanced pancreatic cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer-related deaths. For patients with advanced pancreatic cancer, gemcitabine and nanoparticle albumin-binding paclitaxel (nabPTX) combination (GEM...

    Authors: Hiroo Imai, Yasuhiro Sakamoto, Shin Takahashi, Hiroyuki Shibata, Atsushi Sato, Kazunori Otsuka, Kenji Amagai, Masanobu Takahashi, Takuhiro Yamaguchi and Chikashi Ishioka
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:262
  38. Increasing evidence indicates that gut microbiota are closely related to prostate cancer. This study aims to assess the gut microbiota composition in patients with prostate cancer compared to healthy participa...

    Authors: Haotian Huang, Yang Liu, Zhi Wen, Caixia Chen, Chongjian Wang, Hongyuan Li and Xuesong Yang
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:261
  39. Primary tumor removal by cytoreductive nephrectomy in synchronous metastatic renal cell carcinoma patients has been investigated in the context of various treatment regimens. Two randomized controlled trials i...

    Authors: Laura Iisager, Johanne Ahrenfeldt, Frede Donskov, Börje Ljungberg, Axel Bex, Lars Lund, Iben Lyskjær and Niels Fristrup
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:260
  40. This study assesses the metastasis rate of the key distal lymph nodes (KDLN) that are not routinely dissected in proximal gastrectomy, aiming to explore the oncological safety of proximal gastrectomy for upper...

    Authors: Yonghe Chen, Xiaojiang Chen, Yi Lin, Shenyan Zhang, Zhiwei Zhou and Junsheng Peng
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:255

    The Correction to this article has been published in BMC Cancer 2024 24:314

  41. Cancer cachexia is associated with impaired functional and nutritional status and worse clinical outcomes. Global Leadership Initiative in Malnutrition (GLIM) consensus recommended the application of GLIM crit...

    Authors: Zong-Ze Li, Xia-Lin Yan, Zhao Zhang, Jiong-Lai Chen, Jiang-Yuan Li, Jing-Xia Bao, Jia-Tong Ru, Jia-Xin Wang, Xiao-Lei Chen, Xian Shen and Dong-Dong Huang
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:253
  42. Immune checkpoint inhibitor (ICI) or irinotecan-based chemotherapy is frequently used after failure of second-line paclitaxel plus ramucirumab treatment for patients with locally advanced unresectable or metas...

    Authors: Sung Hee Lim, Keun-Wook Lee, Jae-Joon Kim, Hyeon-Su Im, In-Ho Kim, Hye Sook Han, Dong-Hoe Koo, Jang Ho Cho, Chi Hoon Maeng, Min-Young Lee, Hyo Jin Lee, Jwa Hoon Kim, Sang Gon Park, Joo Young Jung, Seong-Hoon Shin, Ki Hyang Kim…
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2024 24:252

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