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New Blog: London Global Cancer Week 2019 - Cancer control in low and middle income countries - New Solutions to emerging challenges

BMC Cancer recently attended the 4th Meeting ‘Cancer control in low and middle income countries’ as part of the London Global Cancer Week at the Royal Society of Medicine on 25th Nov 2019. The meeting aimed to increase awareness of successful global cancer collaborations and provided an inspiring discuss forum. Here we touch upon the highlights of the meeting.

World Cancer Day - Collection

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We are committed to raising the quality of academic research in Oncology and Cancer Research. To mark World Cancer Day the Editors of Springer Nature have carefully selected the leading and most recent research published articles across portfolio and curated a blog addressing the impact of cancer beyond physical health. This year's theme is 'I Am and I Will', which is about your commitment to act. 

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We are now recruiting Associate Editors for our Editorial Board to join our team of academic editors in assessing manuscripts in the field of cancer research. Diversity in all forms will be a driving factor when selecting an individual to serve in this capacity. Please find more information and the application form here.


Featured review: Gallbladder cancer: review of a rare orphan gastrointestinal cancer with a focus on populations of New Mexico

Gallbladder cancer is a rare malignancy of the biliary tract with a poor prognosis, frequently presenting at an advanced stage. While rare in the United States overall, gallbladder cancer has an elevated incidence in geographically distinct locations of the globe including Chile, North India, Korea, Japan and the state of New Mexico in the United States. Rama R. Gullapalli, Associate Editor for BMC Cancer provides this review.

Featured video: Microparticles, breast cancer's secret weapon?

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Featured review: A stepwise approach to constructing systematic reviews

New Content ItemSystematic reviews, with or without meta-analysis, play an important role today in synthesizing cancer research and are frequently used to guide decision-making. With a focus on cancer, first author, Prof Kelley, provides a practical, stepwise approach for systematically reviewing the literature and publishing the results. 

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Featured article: Early cancer detection - Machine learning enables detection of early-stage colorectal cancer by whole-genome sequencing of cfDNA

Blood-based methods using cell-free DNA (cfDNA) are under development as an alternative to existing screening tests. However, detection of cancer using tumor-derived cfDNA has proven challenging. Here Dr. Putcha et al. show that a machine learning approach using cfDNA achieved high sensitivity and specificity in a large, early-stage, colorectal cancer cohort.

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Cross-journal thematic series: Precision Oncology

We are proud to finally present the publications from our cross-journal thematic series, Precision Oncology. This collection focuses on how precision oncology has shaped advances in the impact of non-coding RNAs in epigenetics and cancer, immunotherapy and tumor biology. Also of note are the technological developments for preclinical routines and the clinical significance of various therapies in breast, esophageal, liver, lung, ovarian cancers, among other types.

Linda Gummlich, BMC Series, London, UK

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Editorial: Nobel Prize Cancer Immunotherapy!

Follow Nobel Prize laureates James P. Allison's and Tasuku Honjo's footsteps and experience the genesis of a new field of cancer therapy. BMC Cancer Editorial Board Member Dr. Sheng Guo from Pittsburgh University takes us on an exciting journey of discovery...

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