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  1. Cantharidin (CTD) is the active ingredient of Chinese medicine, which has been traditionally used in multiple cancers treatment, especially in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). However, a comprehensive analysis ...

    Authors: Jia Yan, Yu min Gao, Xiu ling Deng, Hai sheng Wang and Gui tao Shi
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1161
  2. Composition of the intestinal microbiota has been correlated to therapeutic efficacy of immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI) in various cancer entities including melanoma. Prediction of the outcome of such thera...

    Authors: Anastasia Tsakmaklis, Fedja Farowski, Rafael Zenner, Till Robin Lesker, Till Strowig, Hans Schlößer, Jonas Lehmann, Michael von Bergwelt-Baildon, Cornelia Mauch, Max Schlaak, Jana Knuever, Viola Schweinsberg, Lucie M. Heinzerling and Maria J. G. T. Vehreschild
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1160
  3. As a histone methyltransferase, suppressor of variegation 3–9 homolog 1 (SUV39H1) plays an important role in the occurrence and development of cancer. To explore the mechanism and biological function of SUV39H...

    Authors: Yanping Zhang, Wanwen Lao, Kaming Yang, Xinyi Kong, Yuetong Li, Xin Yu, Xumeng Wang, Yang Liu, Zhenlin Li, Yilin Deng, Shuping Nie, Changlong Bi, Chao Wu and Aixia Zhai
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1159
  4. Thymic epithelial tumors (TETs) are the most common primary neoplasms of the anterior mediastinum. Different risk subgroups of TETs have different prognosis and therapeutic strategies, therefore, preoperative ...

    Authors: Rongji Gao, Jian Zhou, Juan Zhang, Jianzhong Zhu, Tiantian Wang and Chengxin Yan
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1158
  5. To compare the computed tomography (CT) images of patients with locally advanced gastric cancer (GC) before and after neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NAC) in order to identify CT features that could predict patholog...

    Authors: Chengzhi Wei, Yun He, Ma Luo, Guoming Chen, Runcong Nie, Xiaojiang Chen, Zhiwei Zhou and Yongming Chen
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1157
  6. Urachal cancer is similar to gastrointestinal adenocarcinoma in histology, and gastroscopy/colonoscopy is often administered during perioperative evaluation. However, gastroscopy and colonoscopy have correspon...

    Authors: Ming-rui Luo, Tao-nong Cai, Jiang-li Lu, Zhen-hua Liu, Sheng-jie Guo, Zhuo-wei Liu, Kai Yao, Zi-ke Qin and Yun-lin Ye
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1156
  7. The increasing prevalence of cancer detection necessitated practical strategies to deliver highly accurate, beneficial, and dependable processed information together with experimental results. We deleted the c...

    Authors: Marzieh Javadi, Hossein Sazegar and Abbas Doosti
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1155
  8. Epithelial, connective tissue and immune cells contribute in various ways to the pathophysiology of HPV positive (HPV+) and HPV negative (HPV-) oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma (OPSCC). We aimed to invest...

    Authors: Aris I. Giotakis, Annette Runge, József Dudas, Rudolf Glueckert, Timo Gottfried, Volker H. Schartinger, Johanna Klarer, Avneet Randhawa, Eleonora Caimmi and Herbert Riechelmann
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1154
  9. Chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) is effectively treated with tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs), targeting the BCR::ABL1 oncoprotein. Still, resistance to therapy, relapse after treatment discontinuation, and sid...

    Authors: Lukas Häselbarth, Sara Gamali, Domenica Saul, Manuela Krumbholz, Romy Böttcher-Loschinski, Martin Böttcher, Deyu Zou, Markus Metzler, Axel Karow and Dimitrios Mougiakakos
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1153
  10. Triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) is a lethal mammary carcinoma subtype that affects females and is associated with a worse prognosis. Chemotherapy is the only conventional therapy available for patients wi...

    Authors: Basant Emad, Amr Ahmed WalyEldeen, Hebatallah Hassan, Marwa Sharaky, Ismail A Abdelhamid, Sherif Abdelaziz Ibrahim and Hanan RH Mohamed
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1151
  11. The role of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in prognosis prediction has been actively studied in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) patients. However, their efficiency in accurately predicting early progression rec...

    Authors: Zhan Lu, Hanghang Ni, Xihua Yang, Lihao Tan, Haixiao Zhuang, Yunning Mo, Xingyu Wei, Lunan Qi and Bangde Xiang
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1150
  12. To investigate the potential correlation between piwi-like RNA-mediated gene silencing 1 (PIWIL1) polymorphisms and susceptibility to epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC).

    Authors: Shanshan Liu, Yaping Yan, Zhizhong Cui, Haipeng Feng, Fengmei Zhong, Ziguang Liu, Yan Li, Xiang Ou and Wenjuan Li
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1149
  13. Neuroblastoma (NB), the most common extracranial solid malignancy in children, carries a poor prognosis in high-risk disease, thus requiring novel therapeutic approaches. Survivin is overexpressed in NB, has p...

    Authors: Celimene Galiger, Fatema Tuj Zohora, Carmen Dorneburg, Daniel Tews, Klaus-Michael Debatin and Christian Beltinger
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1148
  14. Most existing predictive models of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) risk after sustained virologic response (SVR) are built on data collected at baseline and therefore have limited accuracy. The current study ai...

    Authors: Yanzheng Zou, Ming Yue, Linna Jia, Yifan Wang, Hongbo Chen, Amei Zhang, Xueshan Xia, Wei Liu, Rongbin Yu, Sheng Yang and Peng Huang
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1147
  15. In nasopharyngeal cancer (NPC), women have a lower incidence and mortality rate than men. Whether sex influences the prognosis of NPC patients remains debatable. We retrospectively examined the influence of se...

    Authors: Linchong Cui, Zilu Chen, Fangfang Zeng, Xiaolan Jiang, Xiaoyan Han, Xiaofei Yuan, Shuting Wu, Huiru Feng, Danfan Lin, Wenxuan Lu, Xiong Liu, Xiaohong Peng and Bolong Yu
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1146
  16. Neuroblastoma, a neuroendocrine tumor originating from the sympathetic ganglia, is one of the most common malignancies in childhood. RTEL1 is critical in many fundamental cellular processes, such as DNA replicati...

    Authors: Ting Zhang, Chunlei Zhou, Jiejie Guo, Jiamin Chang, Haiyan Wu and Jing He
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1145
  17. Our objective was to assess the efficacy and safety of initial hepatic arterial infusion of chemotherapy combined with transarterial chemoembolisation using camrelizumab-eluting Callisphere beads (camrelizumab...

    Authors: Xiaonan Shi, Yang Wang, Jianzhuang Ren, Xinwei Han and Yonghua Bi
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1144
  18. The oxidative balance score (OBS) has been utilized to assess the overall pro- and antioxidant exposure status in various chronic diseases. The current meta-analysis was carried out to pool the association bet...

    Authors: Motahareh Hasani, Seyedeh Parisa Alinia, Maryam Khazdouz, Sahar Sobhani, Parham Mardi, Hanieh-Sadat Ejtahed and Mostafa Qorbani
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1143
  19. Studies examining the relationships of stressful life events and cancer yielded inconsistent findings, while relevant evidence in mainland China is scarce. The current study sought to determine whether experie...

    Authors: Meng Wang, Weiwei Gong, Dianjianyi Sun, Pei Pei, Jun Lv, Canqing Yu and Min Yu
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1142
  20. Lung adenocarcinoma (LA) is one of the most common malignancies and is responsible for the greatest number of tumor-related deaths. Our research aimed to explore the molecular subtype signatures of LA to clari...

    Authors: Zi-Tao Liu, Jun-Ting Shen, Yu-Jie Lei, Yun-Chao Huang, Guang-Qiang Zhao, Cheng-Hong Zheng, Xi Wang, Yu-Tian Wang, Long Chen, Zi-Xuan Li, Shou-Zhuo Li, Jun Liao and Ting-Dong Yu
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1141
  21. We aimed to investigate the efficacy and side effects of concurrent chemoradiotherapy, with or without nimotuzumab, for the treatment of locally advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma after neoadjuvant chemotherapy.

    Authors: Zhi Yang, Quan Zuo, Rong Liu, Hui Wu, Li Xiong, Jieqi Jia and Zhibi Xiang
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1140
  22. Calcification is a common phenomenon in both benign and malignant thyroid nodules. However, the clinical significance of calcification remains unclear. Therefore, we explored a more objective method for distin...

    Authors: Chen Chen, Yuanzhen Liu, Jincao Yao, Kai Wang, Maoliang Zhang, Fang Shi, Yuan Tian, Lu Gao, Yajun Ying, Qianmeng Pan, Hui Wang, Jinxin Wu, Xiaoqing Qi, Yifan Wang and Dong Xu
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1139
  23. This study aims to establish and validate a new diagnosis model called P.Z.A. score for clinically significant prostate cancer (csPCa).

    Authors: Zongxin Chen, Jun Zhang, Di Jin, Xuedong Wei, Feng Qiu, Ximing Wang, Xiaojun Zhao, Jinxian Pu, Jianquan Hou, Yuhua Huang and Chen Huang
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1138
  24. The lactate receptor GPR81 contributes to cancer development through unclear mechanisms. Here, we investigate the roles of GPR81 in three-dimensional (3D) and in vivo growth of breast cancer cells and study th...

    Authors: Kathrine Lundø, Oksana Dmytriyeva, Louise Spøhr, Eliana Goncalves-Alves, Jiayi Yao, Laia P. Blasco, Mette Trauelsen, Muthulakshmi Ponniah, Marc Severin, Albin Sandelin, Marie Kveiborg, Thue W. Schwartz and Stine F. Pedersen
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1136
  25. Most patients diagnosed with head and neck tumor will present with locally advanced disease, requiring multimodality therapy. Bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stromal cells (BMSCs) respond to a variety of tumor...

    Authors: Hao Wang, Zhengyu Zhou, Wenchao Lin, Yechun Qian, Shifang He and Jun Wang
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1135
  26. This study aimed to comprehensively evaluate the accuracy and effect of computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) based on artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms for predicting lymph node ...

    Authors: Cheng-Jie Liu, Lei Zhang, Yi Sun, Lei Geng, Rui Wang, Kai-Min Shi and Jin-Xin Wan
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1134
  27. Psycho-oncological treatment is recommended in cancer rehabilitation as it improves fatigue, anxiety, depression, and quality of life in breast cancer patients. The aim of our study was to compare a structured...

    Authors: David Fauser, Elena Rimalis-Vogt, Johannes Mattes and Matthias Bethge
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1133
  28. While quadruplet induction therapies deepen responses in newly diagnosed multiple myeloma patients, their impact on peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) collection remains incompletely understood. This analysis a...

    Authors: Joseph Kauer, Emma P. Freundt, Anita Schmitt, Niels Weinhold, Elias K. Mai, Carsten Müller-Tidow, Hartmut Goldschmidt, Marc S. Raab, Katharina Kriegsmann and Sandra Sauer
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1132
  29. Anaplastic thyroid carcinoma (ATC) was a rare malignancy featured with the weak immunotherapeutic response. So far, disorders of immunogenic cell death genes (ICDGs) were identified as the driving factors in c...

    Authors: Tong Xu, Chaozhuang Zhu, Feifeng Song, Wanli Zhang, Mengnan Yuan, Zongfu Pan and Ping Huang
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1131
  30. Whether a transthoracic (TT) procedure by a thoracic surgeon or a transabdominal (TA) by a gastrointestinal surgeon is best for Siewert type II esophagogastric junction adenocarcinoma (EGJA) remains unknown. S...

    Authors: Hongyang Zheng, Xingmei Yin, Tiewen Pan, Xiandong Tao, Xiaolin Xu and Zhenjia Li
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1130
  31. Duodenal papilla carcinoma (DPC) is prone to relapse even after radical pancreaticoduodenectomy (PD) (including robotic, laparoscopic and open approach). This study aimed to develop web calculators to predict ...

    Authors: Guangsheng Yu, Shuai Xu, Junjie Kong, Jingyi He and Jun Liu
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1129
  32. The roles of low molecular mass polypeptide 2 (LMP2) and transporter-associated with antigen processing (TAP2) in tumorigenesis are controversial. Here we aimed to explore the effect of LMP2 and TAP2 on the on...

    Authors: Zhengyan Cheng, Hongbo Wang, Zewei Yang, Jiaxu Li and Xing Chen
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1128
  33. Bladder cancer poses a significant public health burden, with high recurrence and progression rates in patients with non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC). Current treatment options include bladder-sparin...

    Authors: John L. Gore, Erika M. Wolff, Bryan A. Comstock, Kristin M. Follmer, Michael G. Nash, Anirban Basu, Stephanie Chisolm, Douglas B. MacLean, Jenney R. Lee, Yair Lotan, Sima P. Porten, Gary D. Steinberg, Sam S. Chang, Scott M. Gilbert, Larry G. Kessler and Angela B. Smith
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1127
  34. The migration of lymphocytes shares many similarities in mode and mechanism with the metastasis of lung cancer tumor cells. But changes in the expression of lymphocyte migration regulation related proteins in ...

    Authors: Shuai Jin, Tianci Liu, Weiwei Wang, Tao Li, Zhefeng Liu and Man Zhang
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1125
  35. S100A16 protein belongs to the S100 family of calcium-binding proteins, which is widely distributed in human tissues and highly conserved. S100 calcium-binding proteins possess broad biological functions, such...

    Authors: Haibin Zhang, Yongxiu Yang, Wenhu Xing, Yufeng Li and Shan Zhang
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1124
  36. Accumulating evidence indicates that type II cystatin (CST) genes play a pivotal role in several tumor pathological processes, thereby affecting all stages of tumorigenesis and tumor development. However, the ...

    Authors: Ye-yang Chen, Bo-pei Li, Jun-fu Wang, Ye Wang, Shan-shan Luo, Ru-jing Lin, Xi-wen Liao and Jun-Qiang Chen
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1122
  37. Ovarian cancer is a common cancer among women globally, and the assessment of lymph node metastasis plays a crucial role in the treatment of this malignancy. The primary objective of our study was to identify ...

    Authors: Yaqin Yang, Xuewei Ye, Binqian Zhou, Yang Liu, Mei Feng, Wenzhi Lv, Dan Lu, Xinwu Cui and Jianxin Liu
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1121
  38. Ferroptosis is a newly classified form of regulated cell death with implications in various tumor progression pathways. However, the roles and mechanisms of ferroptosis-related genes in glioma remain unclear.

    Authors: Yunwen Zhang, Xinghai Wu, Jiyong Zhu, Ruibin Lu and Yian Ouyang
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1120
  39. An Organised Cervical Cancer Screening Programme (OCCSP) was started in Poland in 2006/2007. Each woman aged 25 to 59 is eligible for a free Pap test every 3 years in OCCSP. Despite implementation of the OCCSP...

    Authors: Patrycja Glinska, Katarzyna Komerska, Beata Janik, Julia Olkowicz, Ilona Jedrzejewska, Anna Macios, Paulina Wieszczy, Michal F. Kaminski, Marc Arbyn and Andrzej Nowakowski
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1118
  40. RAS mutations affect prognosis in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) and have been identified as strong negative predictive markers for anti-epidermal growth factor receptor monoclonal antibody (an...

    Authors: Xiaona Lu, Yuyao Li, Yue Li, Xuemei Zhang, Jia Shi, Hai Feng, Zhuo Yu and Yueqiu Gao
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1117
  41. Platelet distribution width (PDW), but not platelet count, was found to more comprehensively reflect platelet activity. The present study, thus, aimed to evaluate the prognostic value of PDW to lymphocyte rati...

    Authors: Zhi-Han Zhong, Lei Liang, Tian-Wei Fu, Mu-Gen Dai, Jian Cheng, Si-Yu Liu, Tai-Wei Ye, Guo-Liang Shen, Cheng-Wu Zhang, Dong-Sheng Huang and Jun-Wei Liu
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1116
  42. Lung adenocarcinoma (LUAD) is the most common subtype of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and is the leading cause of cancer death worldwide. Its progression is characterized by genomic instability. In turn,...

    Authors: Shuyang Li, Wei Wang, Huihan Yu, Siyu Zhang, Wenxu Bi, Suling Sun, Bo Hong, Zhiyou Fang and Xueran Chen
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1115
  43. The establishment of sister chromatid cohesion N-acetyltransferase 2 (ESCO2) is involved in the development of multiple malignancies. However, its role in hypopharyngeal carcinoma (HPC) progression remains unc...

    Authors: Juan Hu, Jing Yan, Yijie Chen, Xiaohui Li, Liu Yang, Haiyu Di, Huihui Zhang, Yewen Shi, Junjie Zhao, Yanxia Shi, Yinglong Xu, Xiaoyong Ren and Zhenghui Wang
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1114
  44. Children with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) experience multiple symptoms that occur in complicated patterns and negatively affect patient outcomes. To date, no systematic review has been performed on the...

    Authors: Xiaoyan Lan, Junjun Wu, Zhenling Liao, Yong Wu and Rong Hu
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1113
  45. Novel, less-invasive technologies to screen for Barrett’s esophagus (BE) may enable a paradigm shift in early detection strategies for esophageal adenocarcinoma (EAC). Understanding professionals’ perspectives...

    Authors: Jasmijn Sijben, Linda Rainey, Yonne Peters, Rebecca C. Fitzgerald, Sachin Wani, Jennifer M. Kolb, Mireille J. M. Broeders and Peter D. Siersema
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2023 23:1111

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