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  1. The activities of Rac1 and Cdc42 are essential for HRas-induced transformation of rodent fibroblasts. What is more, expression of constitutively activated mutants of Rac1 and/or Cdc42 is sufficient for their m...

    Authors: Daniel M Appledorn, Kim-Hien T Dao, Sandra O'Reilly, Veronica M Maher and J Justin McCormick
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2010 10:13
  2. The X-linked Inhibitor of Apoptosis (XIAP) has attracted much attention as a cancer drug target. It is the only member of the IAP family that can directly inhibit caspase activity in vitro, and it can regulate ap...

    Authors: John Sensintaffar, Fiona L Scott, Robert Peach and Jeffrey H Hager
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2010 10:11
  3. Chemoresistance is a major obstacle in cancer treatment. Targeted therapies that enhance cancer cell sensitivity to chemotherapeutic agents have the potential to increase drug efficacy while reducing toxic eff...

    Authors: Erin B Dickerson, William H Blackburn, Michael H Smith, Laura B Kapa, L Andrew Lyon and John F McDonald
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2010 10:10
  4. During the course of normal cellular metabolism, oxygen is consumed and reactive oxygen species (ROS) are produced. If not effectively dissipated, ROS can accumulate and damage resident proteins, lipids, and D...

    Authors: Carol D Curtis, Daniel L Thorngren and Ann M Nardulli
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2010 10:9
  5. To investigate the relationship between the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) features of breast cancer and its clinicopathological and biological factors.

    Authors: Oscar Fernández-Guinea, Alejandro Andicoechea, Luis O González, Salomé González-Reyes, Antonio M Merino, Luis C Hernández, Alfonso López-Muñiz, Paz García-Pravia and Francisco J Vizoso
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2010 10:8
  6. T-cell protein tyrosine phosphatase (TCPTP/TC45) is a ubiquitously expressed intra-cellular non-receptor protein tyrosine phosphatase involved in the negative regulation of several cancer relevant cellular sig...

    Authors: Elina Mattila, Heidi Marttila, Niko Sahlberg, Pekka Kohonen, Siri Tähtinen, Pasi Halonen, Merja Perälä and Johanna Ivaska
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2010 10:7
  7. Carcinoid heart disease, a known complication of neuroendocrine tumors, is characterized by right heart fibrotic lesions. Carcinoid heart disease has traditionally been defined by the degree of valvular involv...

    Authors: Deidi Strickland Bergestuen, Jørgen Gravning, Kristina Hermann Haugaa, Laura G Sahakyan, Svend Aakhus, Espen Thiis-Evensen, Erik Øie, Pål Aukrust, Håvard Attramadal and Thor Edvardsen
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2010 10:6
  8. Dendritic cells (DCs) have the potential for cancer immunotherapy due to their ability to process and present antigens to T-cells and also in stimulating immune responses. However, DC-based vaccines have only ...

    Authors: Sitti Rahma Abdul Hafid, Ammu Kutty Radhakrishnan and Kalanithi Nesaretnam
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2010 10:5
  9. Evidence suggests that tumor cells exposed to some DNA damaging agents are more likely to die if they retain microscopically visible γH2AX foci that are known to mark sites of double-strand breaks. This appear...

    Authors: Judit P Banáth, Dmitry Klokov, Susan H MacPhail, C Adriana Banuelos and Peggy L Olive
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2010 10:4
  10. Pegylated liposomal doxorubicin (PLD) is active in metastatic breast cancer. This observational study evaluated the efficacy and safety of PLD in patients treated during routine clinical practice.

    Authors: Jens Huober, Werner Fett, Arnd Nusch, Michael Neise, Marcus Schmidt, Arthur Wischnik, Steffen Gerhardt, Thomas Goehler, Hans-Joachim Lück and Andreas Rost
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2010 10:2
  11. A common treatment option for men with prostate cancer is androgen deprivation therapy (ADT). However, men undergoing ADT may experience physical side effects, changes in quality of life and sometimes psychiat...

    Authors: Monique M Cherrier, Paul R Borghesani, Amy L Shelton and Celestia S Higano
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2010 10:1
  12. Establishing clinically relevant animal models of glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) remains a challenge, and many commonly used cell line-based models do not recapitulate the invasive growth patterns of patient GB...

    Authors: Jian Wang, Hrvoje Miletic, Per Ø Sakariassen, Peter C Huszthy, Hege Jacobsen, Narve Brekkå, Xingang Li, Peng Zhao, Sverre Mørk, Martha Chekenya, Rolf Bjerkvig and Per Ø Enger
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2009 9:465
  13. Studies of the role of the cytokine macrophage-migration-inhibitory-factor (MIF) in malignant tumors have revealed its stimulating influence on cell-cycle progression, angiogenesis and anti-apoptosis.

    Authors: Jörg Schrader, Oliver Deuster, Birgit Rinn, Martina Schulz, Andreas Kautz, Richard Dodel, Bernhard Meyer, Yousef Al-Abed, Karthikeyan Balakrishnan, Jens P Reese and Michael Bacher
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2009 9:464
  14. Costimulatory signaling has been implicated as a potential regulator of antitumor immunity in various human cancers. In contrast to the negative prognostic value of aberrant B7-H1 expression by pancreatic canc...

    Authors: Martin Loos, Dennis M Hedderich, Malte Ottenhausen, Nathalia A Giese, Melanie Laschinger, Irene Esposito, Jörg Kleeff and Helmut Friess
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2009 9:463
  15. Trimethylation of lysine 27 on histone H3 (H3K27me3) by enhancer of zeste homolog 2 (EZH2) is an epigenetic mark that mediates gene silencing. EZH2 is overexpressed and correlates with poor prognosis in many c...

    Authors: Li-Ru He, Meng-Zhong Liu, Bin-Kui Li, Hui-Lan Rao, Yi-Ji Liao, Xin-Yuan Guan, Yi-Xin Zeng and Dan Xie
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2009 9:461
  16. To date, there is no consensus on the utility of screening procedures for the early detection of endometrial cancer. The value of transvaginal ultrasound for screening of asymptomatic endometrial cancer has be...

    Authors: Veronika Seebacher, Maximilian Schmid, Stephan Polterauer, Katrin Hefler-Frischmuth, Heinz Leipold, Nicole Concin, Alexander Reinthaller and Lukas Hefler
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2009 9:460
  17. The purpose of this study was to compare plasma levels of antioxidants and oxidative stress biomarkers in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) patients with healthy controls. Furthermore, the effect o...

    Authors: Amrit K Sakhi, Kjell M Russnes, Magne Thoresen, Nasser E Bastani, Anette Karlsen, Sigbjørn Smeland and Rune Blomhoff
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2009 9:458
  18. About 5-10% of breast cancer is due to inherited disease predisposition. Many previously identified susceptibility factors are involved in the maintenance of genomic integrity. AATF plays an important role in ...

    Authors: Maria Haanpää, Mervi Reiman, Jenni Nikkilä, Hannele Erkko, Katri Pylkäs and Robert Winqvist
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2009 9:457
  19. Salivary adenoid cystic carcinoma (SACC) is one of the most common malignancies of salivary gland. Recurrence or/and early metastasis is its biological properties. In SACC, neoplastic myoepithelial cells secre...

    Authors: Hong Shi, Jie Wang, Fusheng Dong, Xu Wang, Hexiang Li and Yali Hou
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2009 9:456
  20. Although primary lymphomas of the central nervous system (PCNSL) and extracerebral diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) cannot be distinguished histologically, it is still a matter of debate whether PCNSL dif...

    Authors: Julia Richter, Ole Ammerpohl, José I Martín-Subero, Manuel Montesinos-Rongen, Marina Bibikova, Eliza Wickham-Garcia, Otmar D Wiestler, Martina Deckert and Reiner Siebert
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2009 9:455
  21. Alterations of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) have been implicated in carcinogenesis. We developed an accurate multiplex quantitative real-time PCR for synchronized determination of mtDNA and nuclear DNA (nDNA). We...

    Authors: Peng Xia, Han-Xiang An, Cheng-Xue Dang, Ramin Radpour, Corina Kohler, Emmanouil Fokas, Rita Engenhart-Cabillic, Wolfgang Holzgreve and Xiao Yan Zhong
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2009 9:454
  22. The High Resolution Melting (HRM) technology has recently been introduced as a rapid and robust analysis tool for the detection of DNA methylation. The methylation status of multiple tumor suppressor genes may...

    Authors: Lasse S Kristensen, Tomasz K Wojdacz, Britta B Thestrup, Carsten Wiuf, Henrik Hager and Lise Lotte Hansen
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2009 9:453
  23. Prostate cancer cells in primary tumors have been typed CD10-/CD13-/CD24hi/CD26+/CD38lo/CD44-/CD104-. This CD phenotype suggests a lineage relationship between cancer cells and luminal cells. The Gleason grade of...

    Authors: Laura E Pascal, Ricardo ZN Vêncio, Laura S Page, Emily S Liebeskind, Christina P Shadle, Pamela Troisch, Bruz Marzolf, Lawrence D True, Leroy E Hood and Alvin Y Liu
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2009 9:452
  24. We evaluated the hierarchical risk groups for the estimated survival of WHO grade III glioma patients using recursive partitioning analysis (RPA). To our knowledge, this is the first study to address the resul...

    Authors: Chul-Kee Park, Se-Hoon Lee, Jung Ho Han, Chae-Yong Kim, Dong-Wan Kim, Sun Ha Paek, Dong Gyu Kim, Dae Seog Heo, Il Han Kim and Hee-Won Jung
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2009 9:450
  25. Compound K [20-O-β-(D-glucopyranosyl)-20(S)-protopanaxadiol], a metabolite of the protopanaxadiol-type saponins of Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer, has been reported to possess anti-tumor properties to inhibit angiogene...

    Authors: Sung-Hee Cho, Kyung-Sook Chung, Jung-Hye Choi, Dong-Hyun Kim and Kyung-Tae Lee
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2009 9:449
  26. Cancer cells display widespread changes in DNA methylation that may lead to genetic instability by global hypomethylation and aberrant silencing of tumor suppressor genes by focal hypermethylation. In turn, al...

    Authors: Silke Götze, Valeska Feldhaus, Thilo Traska, Marietta Wolter, Guido Reifenberger, Andrea Tannapfel, Cornelius Kuhnen, Dirk Martin, Oliver Müller and Sonja Sievers
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2009 9:447
  27. Hypoxia is associated with increased resistance to chemo- and radiation-therapy. Hyperoxic treatment (hyperbaric oxygen) has previously been shown to potentiate the effect of some forms of chemotherapy, and th...

    Authors: Ingrid Moen, Karl J Tronstad, Odd Kolmannskog, Gerd S Salvesen, Rolf K Reed and Linda EB Stuhr
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2009 9:446
  28. The MYCN gene is transcribed into two major mRNAs: one full-length (MYCN) and one exon 1b-spliced (MYCN Δ1b ) mRNA. But nothing is known about their respective ability to translate the MYCN protein.

    Authors: Roger Besançon, Sandrine Valsesia-Wittmann, Clara Locher, Céline Delloye-Bourgeois, Lydie Furhman, Giovani Tutrone, Christophe Bertrand, Anne-Catherine Jallas, Elisabeth Garin and Alain Puisieux
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2009 9:445
  29. The relevance of angiogenesis inhibition in the treatment of glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) should be considered in the unique context of malignant brain tumours. Although patients benefit greatly from reduced ...

    Authors: Joost JC Verhoeff, Olaf van Tellingen, An Claes, Lukas JA Stalpers, Myra E van Linde, Dirk J Richel, William PJ Leenders and Wouter R van Furth
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2009 9:444
  30. Neuroblastoma is the most common, pediatric, extra-cranial, malignant solid tumor. Despite multimodal therapeutic protocols, outcome for children with a high-risk clinical phenotype remains poor, with long-ter...

    Authors: Paola Scaruffi, Sara Stigliani, Stefano Moretti, Simona Coco, Carla De Vecchi, Francesca Valdora, Alberto Garaventa, Stefano Bonassi and Gian Paolo Tonini
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2009 9:441
  31. Human papillomaviruses (HPV) are the aetiological agents of certain benign and malignant tumours of skin and mucosae; the most important of which is cervical cancer. Also, the incidence of ano-genital warts, H...

    Authors: David M Winder, Siolian LR Ball, Katie Vaughan, Nashat Hanna, Yin Ling Woo, Jürgen-Theodor Fränzer, Jane C Sterling, Margaret A Stanley, Holger Sudhoff and Peter KC Goon
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2009 9:440
  32. Excision repair cross-complementing group 1 (ERCC1) and group 2 (ERCC2), and X-ray repair cross-complementing group 1 (XRCC1) proteins play important roles in the repair of DNA damage and adducts. Single nucle...

    Authors: Zhihua Yin, Baosen Zhou, Qincheng He, Mingchuan Li, Peng Guan, Xuelian Li, Zeshi Cui, Xiaoxia Xue, Meng Su, Rui Ma, Weijun Bai, Shuyue Xia, Yanduo Jiang, Shun Xu, Yi Lv and Xun Li
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2009 9:439
  33. Coregulator proteins are "master regulators", directing transcriptional and posttranscriptional regulation of many target genes, and are critical in many normal physiological processes, but also in hormone dri...

    Authors: Ryan J Hartmaier, Sandrine Tchatchou, Alexandra S Richter, Jay Wang, Sean E McGuire, Todd C Skaar, Jimmy M Rae, Kari Hemminki, Christian Sutter, Nina Ditsch, Peter Bugert, Bernhard HF Weber, Dieter Niederacher, Norbert Arnold, Raymonda Varon-Mateeva, Barbara Wappenschmidt…
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2009 9:438
  34. TrkA (encoded by NTRK1 gene), the high-affinity tyrosine kinase receptor for neurotrophins, is involved in neural crest cell differentiation. Its expression has been reported to be associated with a favourable pr...

    Authors: Beata S Lipska, Elżbieta Drożynska, Paola Scaruffi, Gian Paolo Tonini, Ewa Iżycka-Świeszewska, Szymon Ziętkiewicz, Anna Balcerska, Danuta Perek, Alicja Chybicka, Wojciech Biernat and Janusz Limon
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2009 9:436
  35. Overexpression of Aurora-A and mutant Ras (RasV12) together has been detected in human bladder cancer tissue. However, it is not clear whether this phenomenon is a general event or not. Although crosstalk between...

    Authors: Ya-Shih Tseng, Jenq-Chang Lee, Chi-Ying F Huang and Hsiao-Sheng Liu
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2009 9:435
  36. 5-Fluorouracil(5FU) and oral analogues, such as capecitabine, remain one of the most useful agents for the treatment of colorectal adenocarcinoma. Low toxicity and convenience of administration facilitate use,...

    Authors: Russell D Petty, Leslie M Samuel, Graeme I Murray, Graham MacDonald, Terrence O'Kelly, Malcolm Loudon, Norman Binnie, Emad Aly, Aileen McKinlay, Weiguang Wang, Fiona Gilbert, Scot Semple and Elaina SR Collie-Duguid
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2009 9:434
  37. The response rate of ovarian mucinous carcinomas to paclitaxel/carboplatin is low, prompting interest in targeted molecular therapies. We investigated HER2 expression and amplification, and the potential for t...

    Authors: Jessica N McAlpine, Kimberly C Wiegand, Russell Vang, Brigitte M Ronnett, Anna Adamiak, Martin Köbel, Steve E Kalloger, Kenneth D Swenerton, David G Huntsman, C Blake Gilks and Dianne M Miller
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2009 9:433
  38. Hypoxia-inducible factor 1 alpha (HIF-1α) and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) are frequently overexpressed in numerous types of cancers and are known to be important regulators of angiogenesis. Until...

    Authors: Dan Cao, Mei Hou, Yong-song Guan, Ming Jiang, Yu Yang and Hong-feng Gou
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2009 9:432
  39. Increased ST6Gal I activity has been associated with the α(2,6)sialylation enhancement of membrane glycoconjugates observed in metastatic colorectal carcinomas (CRC). Siaα(2,6)Galβ(1,4)GlcNAc sequence, known a...

    Authors: Clotilde Costa-Nogueira, Susana Villar-Portela, Elisa Cuevas, Emilio Gil-Martín and Almudena Fernández-Briera
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2009 9:431
  40. Studies on the association between prostate cancer and cadmium exposure have yielded conflicting results. This study explored cadmium burden on the risk and phenotype of prostate cancer in men with no evident ...

    Authors: Yi-Chun Chen, Yeong S Pu, Hsi-Chin Wu, Tony T Wu, Ming Kuen Lai, Chun Y Yang and Fung-Chang Sung
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2009 9:429

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