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Table 1 Mitochondrial apoptosis factors

From: An in-silico study examining the induction of apoptosis by Cryptotanshinone in metastatic melanoma cell lines

Factor From pathway Effect on apoptosis
Bad AKT Pro-apoptotic
Bid TRAIL Pro-apoptotic
Casp-12 ER stress Pro-apoptotic
Noxa p53 Pro-apoptotic
Puma p53 Pro-apoptotic
Bim JNK Pro-apoptotic
Mcl-1 STAT3 and DNA damage Anti-apoptotic
A1 nF κB Anti-apoptotic
Bak/Bax Mitochondrial Pro-apoptotic
Bcl2 Mitochondrial Anti-apoptotic
Bcl-XL Mitochondrial Anti-apoptotic
XIAP AKT Anti-apoptotic
ROS STAT3, TRAIL, TNF α and ER stress Pro-apoptotic