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Correction to: Sepsis increases perioperative metastases in a murine model

The Original Article was published on 12 March 2018


It has been highlighted that the original manuscript [1] contains a typesetting error in Fig. 1 and the Fig. 1c panel has been inadvertently duplicated in panel Fig. 1d. This does not affect the results and conclusions of the article. The correct version of Fig. 1 is included with this Correction. The original article has been updated.

Fig. 1
figure 1

Hemorrhagic shock does not increase metastatic disease. a Experimental overview. BALB/c mice were bled through the saphenous vein (indicated by the white arrow) and subsequently injected intravenously (IV) through the tail vein with 3 × 105 CT26LacZ cells. Approximately 1 h later, surgical stress (sx) was generated by laparotomy (Lap) (5 cm incision). Mice were sacrificed at 72 h to quantify lung metastases. b Blood pressure is reduced following surgical stress and blood loss. Blood pressure (mmHg) was measured following a 5-day training period (Day 1–5), prior to bleeding (Pre), immediately following bleeding (Post-BL), and immediately following surgical stress (Post-Sx and BL, n = 3). c Blood loss increases metastatic burden. Lung metastases were measured on Day 3 following no blood loss (no BL, n = 3) or 20% (20% BL, n = 3) or 30% blood loss (30% BL, n = 4). d Blood loss does not increase metastatic disease in conjunction with surgical stress. Lung metastases were measure on Day 3 in mice that did not undergo surgical stress (No Sx, n = 5) and animals undergoing a laparotomy (Lap, n = 4) alone or in combination with 30% blood loss (Lap + 30% BL, n = 5). Error bars represent ± SEM


  1. Tai LH, et al. Sepsis increases perioperative metastases in a murine model. BMC Cancer. 2018;18:277.

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