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Fig. 2

From: Association of activated Gαq to the tumor suppressor Fhit is enhanced by phospholipase Cβ

Fig. 2

Fhit interacts with PLCβs. a HEK293 cells were transfected with pcDNA3 vector, PLCβ1, PLCβ2 or PLCβ3 in combination with Flag-Fhit (F) or pFlag-CMV2 (V) vector. Following expression for 1 day, cells were lysed and subjected to co-immunoprecipitation assay with anti-Flag affinity gel. The levels of Fhit and PLCβs were examined by Western blotting. b In the co-immunoprecipitation assay in a, a longer exposure of the anti-PLCβ1 blot showed that endogenous PLCβ1 (indicated by a horizontal arrow) was pulled down by Fhit (indicated by vertical arrows)

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