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Fig. 4

From: Molecular mechanism of anti-cancer activity of phycocyanin in triple-negative breast cancer cells

Fig. 4

Phycocyanin induces apoptosis in MDA MB 231 cells. a Quantitative representation of early apoptotic cells at IC25 &50 doses at the end of 6 h treatment with PC as analyzed by PE annexin V and 7 AAD staining with representative scatter plots showing shift of cells from live to early apoptosis. b Western blot analysis for phospho-H2AX (C) qPCR analysis of apoptotic markers in MDA MB 231 cells. qPCR analysis for (c) BAX, (d) Bcl-2 and (e) caspase 9. GAPDH was used as internal control for normalization (***P < 0.0001, ** P = 0.001, *P = 0.01 compared with untreated controls)

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