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Table 2 Raman shifts of peaks and the characteristic assignments [1518, 2531]

From: Label-free blood serum detection by using surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy and support vector machine for the preoperative diagnosis of parotid gland tumors

Raman shift (cm−1) Peak assignment
292–296 Au-S band
543–548 S-S disulfide stretching in Proteins
723–727 Hypoxanthine
744–747 Thymine in DNA
933 C-C stretching mode, C-C αhelix in proteins
1084 C-C stretching mode in phospholipids
1094 C-N stretching mode in D-Mannos
1127 C-C stretching in lipids, C-N stretching in D-Mannos
1140 Carotenoids
1261–1264 CH bending in lipids
1326–1329 CH vibration in DNA/RNA, CH2 twisting in lipids
1368–1373 Guanine in DNA, Tryptophan in proteins
1441–1445 CH2, CH3 bending in proteins and lipids
1541–1551 C-N stretching, Amide II
1607 C = C band in Phenylalanine or Tyrosine
1698–1699 Amide I