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Figure 3

From: A limited role for p53 in modulating the immediate phenotype of Apc loss in the intestine

Figure 3

QRT-PCR expression analysis of candidate genes. QRT-PCR expression analysis was on intestinal samples from Cre+Apc fl/fl p53 +/+ (ApcFlox),Cre+Apc fl/fl p53 -/- (Double), Cre+Apc +/+ p53 +/+ (WT) and Cre+Apc +/+ p53 -/- (P53null) intestinal samples, 4 days post induction. The histogram shows the fold change of expression levels in experimental samples relative to control samples, while error bars show the standard deviation of ΔCT values obtained for the replicates of each sample type. Asterisks denote a significant difference between the experimental and control ΔCT values, as assessed using the T-test p < 0.05.

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