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  1. The sodium/iodide symporter (NIS) is a membrane glycoprotein mediating active iodide uptake in the thyroid gland and is the molecular basis for radioiodide imaging and therapeutic ablation of thyroid carcinoma...

    Authors: Katherine AB Knostman, James A McCubrey, Carl D Morrison, Zhaoxia Zhang, Charles C Capen and Sissy M Jhiang
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:137
  2. Suppressor of cytokine signaling (SOCS) proteins comprise a protein family, which has initially been described as STAT induced inhibitors of the Jak/Stat pathway. Recent in vivo and in vitro studies suggest th...

    Authors: Michael C Haffner, Barbara Petridou, Jean Phillipe Peyrat, Françoise Révillion, Elisabeth Müller-Holzner, Günter Daxenbichler, Christian Marth and Wolfgang Doppler
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:136
  3. Inflammatory cytokines may promote tumorigenesis. Macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) is a proinflammatory cytokine with regulatory properties over tumor suppressor proteins involved in bladder cancer...

    Authors: John A Taylor III, George A Kuchel, Poornima Hegde, Olga S Voznesensky, Kevin Claffey, John Tsimikas, Lin Leng, Richard Bucala and Carol Pilbeam
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:135
  4. Basal-like breast cancer has been extensively characterized on the basis of gene expression profiles, but it is becoming increasingly common for these tumors to be defined on the basis of immunohistochemical (...

    Authors: Marc Tischkowitz, Jean-Sébastien Brunet, Louis R Bégin, David G Huntsman, Maggie CU Cheang, Lars A Akslen, Torsten O Nielsen and William D Foulkes
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:134
  5. Aberrant promoter hypermethylation of cancer-associated genes occurs frequently during carcinogenesis and may serve as a cancer biomarker. In this study we aimed at defining a quantitative gene promoter methyl...

    Authors: Vera L Costa, Rui Henrique, Franclim R Ribeiro, Mafalda Pinto, Jorge Oliveira, Francisco Lobo, Manuel R Teixeira and Carmen Jerónimo
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:133
  6. The BRCA2-8765delAG mutation was firstly described in breast cancer families from French-Canadian and Jewish-Yemenite populations; it was then reported as a founder mutation in Sardinian families. We evaluated bo...

    Authors: Grazia Palomba, Antonio Cossu, Eitan Friedman, Mario Budroni, Antonio Farris, Antonio Contu, Marina Pisano, Paola Baldinu, Maria C Sini, Francesco Tanda and Giuseppe Palmieri
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:132
  7. Oestrogen receptor beta (ERβ) modulates ERα activity; wild type ERβ (ERβ1) and its splice variants may therefore impact on hormone responsiveness of breast cancer. ERβ2/ERβcx acts as a dominant negative inhibi...

    Authors: Raman Vinayagam, D Ross Sibson, Christopher Holcombe, Vijay Aachi and Michael PA Davies
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:131
  8. The care itinerary for cancer involves difficulties that occur in several different areas, whether in the diagnostic procedures, in surgery, or in adjuvant treatment. The aim of this work was to obtain a valid...

    Authors: Gautier Defossez, Simone Mathoulin-Pelissier, Isabelle Ingrand, Isabelle Gasquet, Lynda Sifer-Riviere, Pierre Ingrand, Roger Salamon and Virginie Migeot
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:129
  9. Gefitinib, a small molecule tyrosine kinase inhibitor of the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR), has shown limited efficacy in the treatment of lung cancer. Recognized clinical predictors of response to this...

    Authors: Trevor J Pugh, Gwyn Bebb, Lorena Barclay, Margaret Sutcliffe, John Fee, Chris Salski, Robert O'Connor, Cheryl Ho, Nevin Murray, Barbara Melosky, John English, Jeurgen Vielkind, Doug Horsman, Janessa J Laskin and Marco A Marra
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:128
  10. Medulloblastoma is the most common malignant brain tumor of childhood. Children who relapse usually die of their disease, which reflects resistance to radiation and/or chemotherapy. Improvements in outcome req...

    Authors: Robert C Castellino, Massimiliano De Bortoli, Linda L Lin, Darlene G Skapura, Jessen A Rajan, Adekunle M Adesina, Laszlo Perlaky, Meredith S Irwin and John YH Kim
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:127
  11. Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is one of the most common cancers in the world. SFRP1 (the secreted frizzled-related protein 1), a putative tumor suppressor gene mapped onto chromosome 8p12-p11.1, the frequent ...

    Authors: Jian Huang, Yun-Li Zhang, Xiao-Mei Teng, Yun Lin, Da-Li Zheng, Peng-Yuan Yang and Ze-Guang Han
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:126
  12. Sialyl Lewis x (sLex) antigen is a carbohydrate antigen that is considered not only a marker for cancer but also implicated functionally in the malignant behaviour of cancer cells. Overexpression of sLex is assoc...

    Authors: Salomé S Pinho, Augusto JF Matos, Célia Lopes, Nuno T Marcos, Júlio Carvalheira, Celso A Reis and Fátima Gärtner
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:124
  13. Cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzymes have the potential to affect colorectal cancer (CRC) risk by determining the genotoxic impact of exogenous carcinogens and levels of sex hormones.

    Authors: Lara Bethke, Emily Webb, Gabrielle Sellick, Matthew Rudd, Stephen Penegar, Laura Withey, Mobshra Qureshi and Richard Houlston
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:123
  14. Endoglin (CD105) has been considered a prognostic marker for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), and widely used as an appropriate targeting for antiangenesis therapy in some cancers. Our aim was to evaluate the d...

    Authors: Decai Yu, Linyuan Zhuang, Xitai Sun, Jun Chen, Yongzhong Yao, Kui Meng and Yitao Ding
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:122
  15. Gemcitabine, a deoxycytidine nucleoside analog, is the current standard chemotherapy used as first-line treatment for patients with locally advanced or metastatic cancer of the pancreas, and extends life survi...

    Authors: Vijaya L Damaraju, David Y Bouffard, Clarence KW Wong, Marilyn L Clarke, John R Mackey, Lorraine Leblond, Carol E Cass, Mike Grey and Henriette Gourdeau
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:121
  16. Although methylation-mediated inactivation of expression of RASSF1A, a candidate tumor suppressor gene, has been observed in several human cancers, the data concerning alteration of RASSF1A expression and meth...

    Authors: Mei Ye, Bing Xia, Qiusha Guo, Feng Zhou and Xiaolian Zhang
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:120
  17. Dendritic cells (DCs) are professional antigen-presenting cells with the ability to induce primary T-cell responses and are commonly produced by culturing monocytes in the presence of IL-4 and GM-CSF for 5–7 d...

    Authors: Silvija Jarnjak-Jankovic, Hege Hammerstad, Stein Sæbøe-Larssen, Gunnar Kvalheim and Gustav Gaudernack
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:119
  18. Drug-metabolizing enzymes play a role in chemical carcinogenesis through enzymatic activation of procarcinogens to biologically reactive metabolites. The role of gene polymorphisms of several cytochrome P450 e...

    Authors: Guillermo Gervasini, Elena García-Martín, José M Ladero, Rosa Pizarro, Javier Sastre, Carmen Martínez, Monserrat García, Manuel Diaz-Rubio and José AG Agúndez
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:118
  19. Whereas ultra-short stay (day care or 24 hour hospitalisation) following breast cancer surgery was introduced in the US and Canada in the 1990s, it is not yet common practice in Europe. This paper describes th...

    Authors: Mascha de Kok, Caroline NA Frotscher, Trudy van der Weijden, Alfons GH Kessels, Carmen D Dirksen, Cornelis JH van de Velde, Jan A Roukema, Antoine VRJ Bell, Fred W van der Ent and Maarten F von Meyenfeldt
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:117
  20. Pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP) is a rare malignant disease, most commonly originating from appendiceal lesions and characterized by accumulation of mucinous tumor tissue in the peritoneal cavity. Since the disea...

    Authors: Kjersti Flatmark, Wenche Reed, Thomas Halvorsen, Olaf Sørensen, Johan N Wiig, Stein G Larsen, Øystein Fodstad and Karl-Erik Giercksky
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:116
  21. Gene-gene and gene-environment interactions involved in the metabolism of carcinogens may increase the risk of cancer. Our objective was to measure the interactions between common polymorphisms of P450 (CYP1A2...

    Authors: Chunhong Fan, Mingjuan Jin, Kun Chen, Yongjing Zhang, Shuangshuang Zhang and Bing Liu
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:115
  22. The present study was conducted to analyze the value of ([18F] fluoromisonidazole (FMISO) and [18F]-2-fluoro-2'-deoxyglucose (FDG) PET as well as color pixel density (CPD) and tumor perfusion (TP) assessed by col...

    Authors: Bernd Gagel, Marc Piroth, Michael Pinkawa, Patrick Reinartz, Michael Zimny, Hans J Kaiser, Sven Stanzel, Branka Asadpour, Cengiz Demirel, Kurt Hamacher, Heinz H Coenen, Thomas Scholbach, Payam Maneschi, Ercole DiMartino and Michael J Eble
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:113
  23. The aim of the study was to determine the maximal tolerated dose (MTD) of gemcitabine every two weeks concurrent to radiotherapy, administered during an aggressive program of sequential and simultaneous radioc...

    Authors: Bernd Gagel, Marc Piroth, Michael Pinkawa, Patrick Reinartz, Thomas Krohn, Hans J Kaiser, Sven Stanzel, Christian Breuer, Branka Asadpour, Axel Schmachtenberg and Michael J Eble
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:112
  24. Stat3 has been classified as a proto-oncogene and constitutive Stat3 signaling appears to be involved in oncogenesis of human cancers. However, whether constitutive Stat3 signaling plays a role in the survival a...

    Authors: Chun-Liang Chen, Abbey Loy, Ling Cen, Christina Chan, Fu-Chuan Hsieh, Gong Cheng, Bryant Wu, Stephen J Qualman, Keita Kunisada, Keiko Yamauchi-Takihara and Jiayuh Lin
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:111
  25. Setting priorities for the funding of new anti-cancer agents is becoming increasingly complex. The funding of adjuvant trastuzumab for breast cancer has brought this dilemma to the fore. In this paper we revie...

    Authors: Christopher M Booth, George Dranitsaris, M Corona Gainford, Scott Berry, Michael Fralick, John Fralick, Joanna Sue and Mark Clemons
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:110
  26. Melanoma is the major cause of skin cancer deaths and melanoma incidence doubles every 10 to 20 years. However, little is known about melanoma pathway aberrations. Here we applied the robust Gene Identificatio...

    Authors: Kuo Ping Chiu, Pramila Ariyaratne, Han Xu, Adrian Tan, Patrick Ng, Edison Tak-Bun Liu, Yijun Ruan, Chia-Lin Wei and Wing-Kin Ken Sung
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:109
  27. TRAIL plays an important role in host immunosurveillance against tumor progression, as it induces apoptosis of tumor cells but not normal cells, and thus has great therapeutic potential for cancer treatment. T...

    Authors: Nadarajah Vigneswaran, Darryl C Baucum, Jean Wu, Yahuan Lou, Jerry Bouquot, Susan Muller and Wolfgang Zacharias
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:108
  28. Endostatin is a potent endogenous anti-angiogenic agent which inhibits tumour growth. A non-synonymous coding polymorphism in the Endostatin gene is thought to affect Endostatin activity. We aimed to determine...

    Authors: Sabapathy P Balasubramanian, Simon S Cross, Jenny Globe, Angela Cox, Nicola J Brown and Malcolm W Reed
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:107
  29. To assess progression-free survival (PFS) as the appropriate end-point for phase II trials for anaplastic gliomas (AGs) and to determine the impact of PFS on survival-based phase III trials.

    Authors: Victor A Levin, Sandra Ictech and Kenneth R Hess
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:106
  30. Lymphangiomas are neoplasias of childhood. Their etiology is unknown and a causal therapy does not exist. The recent discovery of highly specific markers for lymphatic endothelial cells (LECs) has permitted th...

    Authors: Susanne Norgall, Maria Papoutsi, Jochen Rössler, Lothar Schweigerer, Jörg Wilting and Herbert A Weich
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:105
  31. Intraperitoneal tumor cell attachment after resection of gastrointestinal cancer may lead to a developing of peritoneal carcinosis. Intraabdominal application of phospholipids shows a significant decrease of a...

    Authors: Jens Otto, Petra Lynen Jansen, Stefan Lucas, Volker Schumpelick and Marc Jansen
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:104
  32. Quality of life (QOL) issues are of interest in cancer because effective methods of treatment and detection have led to an increase in the number of long-term survivors. The objectives of the study were: to as...

    Authors: Abdel W Awadalla, Jude U Ohaeri, Abdullah Gholoum, Ahmed OA Khalid, Hussein MA Hamad and Anila Jacob
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:102
  33. In Taiwan, a distinct ethnic group variation in incidence and mortality rates has been suggested for most carcinomas. Our aim is to identify the role of prognostic factors associated with the survival of oral ...

    Authors: Ping-Ho Chen, Tien-Yu Shieh, Pei-Shan Ho, Chi-Cheng Tsai, Yi-Hsin Yang, Ying-Chu Lin, Min-Shan Ko, Pei-Chien Tsai, Shang-Lun Chiang, Hung-Pin Tu and Ying-Chin Ko
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:101
  34. The planned nationwide implementation of mammography screening 2007 in Germany will increase the occurrence of mammographically detected breast abnormalities. These abnormalities are normally evaluated by mini...

    Authors: Alexander Kluttig, Pietro Trocchi, Anke Heinig, Hans-Juergen Holzhausen, Christiane Taege, Steffen Hauptmann, Werner Boecker, Thomas Decker, Thomas Loening, Andrea Schmidt-Pokrzywniak, Christoph Thomssen, Tilmann Lantzsch, Joerg Buchmann and Andreas Stang
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:100
  35. cMyc and p27 are key genes implicated in carcinogenesis. Whether polymorphisms in these genes affect breast cancer risk or prognosis is still unclear. In this study, we focus on a rare non-synonymous polymorph...

    Authors: Jane C Figueiredo, Julia A Knight, Stewart Cho, Sevtap Savas, U Venus Onay, Laurent Briollais, Pamela J Goodwin, John R McLaughlin, Irene L Andrulis and Hilmi Ozcelik
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:99
  36. Recent studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of cisplatin-based combinations in patients with advanced transitional cell carcinoma(TCC) of the urothelium. Concern over cisplatin toxicity instigated a sea...

    Authors: Nong Xu, Xiao Chen Zhang, Jian Ping Xiong, Wei Jia Fang, Lan Fang Yu, Jiong Qian and Ling Zhang
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:98
  37. The incidence of oesophageal adenocarcinoma is increasing rapidly in the developed world. The serine-threonine protein kinase and proto-oncogene Akt has been reported to regulate proliferation and apoptosis in...

    Authors: Ian LP Beales, Olorunseun Ogunwobi, Ewen Cameron, Khalid El-Amin, Gabriel Mutungi and Mark Wilkinson
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:97
  38. We studied the RNA expression of the genes in response to glucose from 5 mM (condition of normoglycemia) to 20 mM (condition of hyperglycemia/diabetes) by microarray analysis in breast cancer derived cell line...

    Authors: Francesco Turturro, Ellen Friday and Tomas Welbourne
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:96
  39. Adenoid cystic carcinoma is a high malignant carcinoma characterized by intensive local invasion and high incidence of distant metastasis. Although many reports have demonstrated that angiogenesis has played a...

    Authors: Jiali Zhang and Bin Peng
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:95
  40. The RECIST guidelines are commonly used in phase II and III clinical trials. The correct definition of response can be controversial in some situations, as in the case we describe.

    Authors: Vito Amoroso, Frida Pittiani, Salvatore Grisanti, Francesca Valcamonico, Edda Simoncini, Vittorio D Ferrari and Giovanni Marini
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:94
  41. Pregnancy is infrequently complicated by the diagnosis of a concurrent breast cancer. This presents a particularly complicated clinical problem. The treatment of breast cancer in young women involves a number ...

    Authors: Michael J Naughton and Matthew Ellis
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:93
  42. To evaluate the efficacy and the toxicity of front line FOLFOX4 combined with bevacizumab in patients with metastatsic CRC (mCRC).

    Authors: Christos Emmanouilides, Georgia Sfakiotaki, Nikolaos Androulakis, Kostas Kalbakis, Charalambos Christophylakis, Antonia Kalykaki, Lambros Vamvakas, Athanasios Kotsakis, Sofia Agelaki, Eleni Diamandidou, Nikolaos Touroutoglou, Adam Chatzidakis, Vassilis Georgoulias, Dimitris Mavroudis and John Souglakos
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:91
  43. The development of effective chemopreventive agents against cigarette smoke-induced lung cancer could be greatly facilitated by suitable laboratory animal models, such as animals treated with the tobacco-speci...

    Authors: Bo Ye, Yu-Xia Zhang, Fei Yang, Hong-Lei Chen, Dong Xia, Ming-Qiu Liu and Bai-Tang Lai
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:90
  44. Neuroblastoma patients show heterogeneous clinical courses ranging from life-threatening progression to spontaneous regression. Recently, gene expression profiles of neuroblastoma tumours were associated with ...

    Authors: Patrick Warnat, André Oberthuer, Matthias Fischer, Frank Westermann, Roland Eils and Benedikt Brors
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:89
  45. B7 Costimulatory signal is essential to trigger T-cell activation upon the recognition of tumor antigens. This study examined the expression of B7-1 (CD80) and B7-2 (CD86) costimulatory molecules along with HL...

    Authors: Cheng-Shyong Chang, Julia H Chang, Nicholas C Hsu, Hsuan-Yu Lin and Chih-Yuan Chung
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:88

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