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  1. Quantitative real-time RT-PCR (RT-qPCR) has become a valuable molecular technique in basic and translational biomedical research, and is emerging as an equally valuable clinical tool. Correlation of inter-samp...

    Authors: Maria B Lyng, Anne-Vibeke Lænkholm, Niels Pallisgaard and Henrik J Ditzel
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2008 8:20
  2. Melanoma progression occurs through three major stages: radial growth phase (RGP), confined to the epidermis; vertical growth phase (VGP), when the tumor has invaded into the dermis; and metastasis. In this wo...

    Authors: Josane F Sousa and Enilza M Espreafico
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2008 8:19
  3. In a previously published pilot study we explored the performance of microarrays in predicting clinical behaviour of ovarian tumours. For this purpose we performed microarray analysis on 20 patients and estima...

    Authors: Olivier Gevaert, Frank De Smet, Toon Van Gorp, Nathalie Pochet, Kristof Engelen, Frederic Amant, Bart De Moor, Dirk Timmerman and Ignace Vergote
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2008 8:18
  4. Subclassification of ovarian carcinomas can be used to guide treatment and determine prognosis. Germline and somatic mutations, loss of heterozygosity (LOH), and epigenetic events such as promoter hypermethyla...

    Authors: Joshua Z Press, Alessandro De Luca, Niki Boyd, Sean Young, Armelle Troussard, Yolanda Ridge, Pardeep Kaurah, Steve E Kalloger, Katherine A Blood, Margaret Smith, Paul T Spellman, Yuker Wang, Dianne M Miller, Doug Horsman, Malek Faham, C Blake Gilks…
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2008 8:17
  5. Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in women worldwide. NK and cytotoxic T cells play an important role in the elimination of virus-infected and tumor cells through NKG2D activating receptors, whi...

    Authors: Naela A Arreygue-Garcia, Adrian Daneri-Navarro, Alicia del Toro-Arreola, Angel Cid-Arregui, Oscar Gonzalez-Ramella, Luis F Jave-Suarez, Adriana Aguilar-Lemarroy, Rogelio Troyo-Sanroman, Alejandro Bravo-Cuellar, Vidal Delgado-Rizo, Trinidad Garcia-Iglesias, Georgina Hernandez-Flores and Susana del Toro-Arreola
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2008 8:16
  6. To investigate the neuropsychological outcome of children treated with surgery and posterior fossa irradiation for localized infratentorial ependymoma.

    Authors: Katja von Hoff, Virginie Kieffer, Jean-Louis Habrand, Chantal Kalifa, Georges Dellatolas and Jacques Grill
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2008 8:15
  7. Endocan was originally described as a dermatan sulfate proteoglycan found freely circulating in the blood. Endocan expression confers tumorigenic properties to epithelial cell lines or accelerate the growth of...

    Authors: Florence Depontieu, Bogdan-Dragos Grigoriu, Arnaud Scherpereel, Estelle Adam, Maryse Delehedde, Philippe Gosset and Philippe Lassalle
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2008 8:14
  8. Many cancer cells produce interleukin-6 (IL-6), a cytokine that plays a role in growth stimulation, metastasis, and angiogenesis of secondary tumours in a variety of malignancies, including colorectal cancer. ...

    Authors: Wolfgang Brozek, Giovanna Bises, Gerhild Fabjani, Heide S Cross and Meinrad Peterlik
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2008 8:13
  9. Despite intensive multimodal treatment, outcome of patients with malignant glioma remains poor, and a standard dose of radiotherapy for anaplastic astrocytoma has not been defined. In the past RTOG study (83-0...

    Authors: Takuma Nomiya, Kenji Nemoto, Toshihiro Kumabe, Yoshihiro Takai and Shogo Yamada
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2008 8:11
  10. EGFR overexpression has been described in many human tumours including gastric cancer. In NSCLC patients somatic EGFR mutations, within the kinase domain of the protein, as well as gene amplification were asso...

    Authors: Cátia Moutinho, Ana R Mateus, Fernanda Milanezi, Fátima Carneiro, Raquel Seruca and Gianpaolo Suriano
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2008 8:10
  11. A number of recent studies have suggested that cancer incidence rates may be lower in patients receiving statin treatment for hypercholesterolemia. We examined the effects of statin drugs on in vitro proliferatio...

    Authors: Sharon A Glynn, Dermot O'Sullivan, Alex J Eustace, Martin Clynes and Norma O'Donovan
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2008 8:9
  12. The objectives of this study were to evaluate long-term results of concurrent chemoradiotherapy (CRT) with 5-fluorouracil and cisplatin and the potential benefit of consolidation chemotherapy in patients with ...

    Authors: Byoung Chul Cho, Joong Bae Ahn, Jinsil Seong, Jae Kyung Roh, Joo Hang Kim, Hyun Cheol Chung, Joo Hyuk Sohn and Nam Kyu Kim
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2008 8:8
  13. Medical research has not been able to establish whether a father's occupational exposures are associated with the development of acute leukemia (AL) in their offspring. The studies conducted have weaknesses th...

    Authors: Maria Luisa Perez-Saldivar, Manuel Carlos Ortega-Alvarez, Arturo Fajardo-Gutierrez, Roberto Bernaldez-Rios, Maria de los Angeles del Campo-Martinez, Aurora Medina-Sanson, Miguel Angel Palomo-Colli, Rogelio Paredes-Aguilera, Armando Martínez-Avalos, Victor Hugo Borja-Aburto, Maria de Jesus Rodriguez-Rivera, Victor Manuel Vargas-Garcia, Jesus Zarco-Contreras, Janet Flores-Lujano and Juan Manuel Mejia-Arangure
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2008 8:7
  14. Estrogens are crucial tumorigenic hormones, which impact the cell growth and proliferation during breast cancer development. Estrogens are metabolized by a series of enzymes including COMT, which converts cate...

    Authors: Ummiye V Onay, Kirsimari Aaltonen, Laurent Briollais, Julia A Knight, Noel Pabalan, Outi Kilpivaara, Irene L Andrulis, Carl Blomqvist, Heli Nevanlinna and Hilmi Ozcelik
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2008 8:6
  15. The retroperitoneal margin is frequently microscopically tumour positive in non-curative periampullary adenocarcinoma resections. This margin should be evaluated by serial perpendicular sectioning. The aim of ...

    Authors: Arne Westgaard, Svetlana Tafjord, Inger N Farstad, Milada Cvancarova, Tor J Eide, Oystein Mathisen, Ole Petter F Clausen and Ivar P Gladhaug
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2008 8:5
  16. Lymphangiogenesis has become a new research frontier in tumor metastasis since the discovery of reliable lymphatic markers that have allowed observation and isolation of lymphatic endothelium. Cyclooxygenase-2...

    Authors: Xiao-Hua Zhang, Du-Ping Huang, Gui-Long Guo, Guo-Rong Chen, Hu-Xiang Zhang, Li Wan and Sheng-Ying Chen
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2008 8:4
  17. The status of the EGFR and HER2-neu genes has not been fully defined in ovarian cancer. An integrated analysis of both genes could help define the proportion of patients that would potentially benefit from tar...

    Authors: Joanna Vermeij, Erik Teugels, Claire Bourgain, Ji Xiangming, Peter in 't Veld, Vanessa Ghislain, Bart Neyns and Jacques De Grève
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2008 8:3
  18. High tumour interstitial fluid pressure (IFP) has been adversely linked to poor drug uptake in patients, and to treatment response following radiotherapy in cervix cancer patients. In this study we measured IF...

    Authors: Sarah Jane Lunt, Tuula MK Kalliomaki, Allison Brown, Victor X Yang, Michael Milosevic and Richard P Hill
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2008 8:2
  19. Carbonic anhydrase IX is a hypoxia-induced enzyme that has many biologically important functions, including its role in cell adhesion and invasion.

    Authors: Sally Järvelä, Seppo Parkkila, Helena Bragge, Marketta Kähkönen, Anna-Kaisa Parkkila, Ylermi Soini, Silvia Pastorekova, Jaromir Pastorek and Hannu Haapasalo
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2008 8:1
  20. Medicinal plant is a main source of cancer drug development. Some of the cycloartane triterpenoids isolated from the aerial part of Cimicifuga dahurica showed cytotoxicity in several cancer cell lines. It is of g...

    Authors: Ze Tian, Jianyong Si, Qi Chang, Liang Zhou, Shilin Chen, Peigen Xiao and Erxi Wu
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:237
  21. Currently, there are no satisfactory biomarkers available to screen for diffuse large B cell lymphoma (DLBCL) or to identify patients who do not benefit from standard anti-cancer therapies. In this study, we u...

    Authors: Xing Zhang, Bo Wang, Xiao-shi Zhang, Zhi-ming Li, Zhong-zhen Guan and Wen-qi Jiang
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:235
  22. The aim of our study was to investigate and evaluate the prognostic value of and correlations between preclinical and clinical factors such as the stage of the disease, blood Hb level before treatment, size of...

    Authors: Rūta Grigienė, Konstantinas P Valuckas, Eduardas Aleknavičius, Juozas Kurtinaitis and Simona R Letautienė
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:234
  23. Small heat shock proteins are molecular chaperones that protect proteins against stress-induced aggregation. They have also been found to have anti-apoptotic activity and to play a part in the development of t...

    Authors: Eva Pozsgai, Eva Gomori, Andras Szigeti, Arpad Boronkai, Ferenc Gallyas Jr, Balazs Sumegi and Szabolcs Bellyei
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:233
  24. The heat shock proteins (HSPs) 27-kDa (HSP27) and 72-kDa (HSP72), are ubiquitous chaperone molecules inducible in cells exposed to different stress conditions. Increased level of HSPs are reported in several h...

    Authors: Antonello A Romani, Pellegrino Crafa, Silvia Desenzani, Gallia Graiani, Costanza Lagrasta, Mario Sianesi, Paolo Soliani and Angelo F Borghetti
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:232
  25. A platinum doublet is the current standard treatment for good performance status patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and extensive stage small cell lung cancer (SCLC) with good performanc...

    Authors: Matthew A Beldner, Carol A Sherman, Mark R Green, Elizabeth Garrett-Mayer, Uzair Chaudhary, Mario L Meyer, Andrew S Kraft and Alberto J Montero
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:231
  26. Although the diagnostic criteria and pathogenesis of gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST) have recently been elucidated, knowledge of the epidemiology of this malignancy is still limited. This study examined...

    Authors: Claudia Mucciarini, Giulio Rossi, Federica Bertolini, Riccardo Valli, Claudia Cirilli, Ivan Rashid, Luigi Marcheselli, Gabriele Luppi and Massimo Federico
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:230
  27. Nasal NK/T cell lymphoma is an aggressive disease and has a poor prognosis. Nasal NK/T cell lymphoma is refractory to conventional chemotherapy and has strong tendency of widespread relapse or dissemination in...

    Authors: Koh-ichi Sakata, Masanori Someya, Mutsuko Omatsu, Hiroko Asanuma, Tadashi Hasegawa, Masato Hareyama and Tetsuo Himi
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:229

    The Erratum to this article has been published in BMC Cancer 2008 8:45

  28. The risk of sporadic colorectal cancer (CRC) is mainly associated with lifestyle factors, particularly dietary factors. Diets high in red meat and fat and low in fruit and vegetables are associated with an inc...

    Authors: Camilla F Skjelbred, Mona Sæbø, Anette Hjartåker, Tom Grotmol, Inger-Lise Hansteen, Kjell M Tveit, Geir Hoff and Elin H Kure
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:228
  29. The prognosis for patients with advanced epithelial ovarian cancer remains poor despite aggressive surgical resection and platinum-based chemotherapy. More than 60% of patients will develop recurrent disease, ...

    Authors: Nathalie Rochet, Alexandra D Jensen, Florian Sterzing, Marc W Munter, Michael H Eichbaum, Andreas Schneeweiss, Christof Sohn, Juergen Debus and Wolfgang Harms
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:227
  30. Carcinomas of unknown primary site (CUP) are epithelial malignancies revealed by metastatic lesions in the absence of any detectable primary tumor. Although they often adopt an aggressive clinical pattern, the...

    Authors: Delphine Lequin, Karim Fizazi, Saloua Toujani, Sylvie Souquère, Marie-Christine Mathieu, Pierre Hainaut, Alain Bernheim, Françoise Praz and Pierre Busson
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:225
  31. Platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF)-BB and PDGF receptor (PDGFR)-β are mainly expressed in the developing vasculature, where PDGF-BB is produced by endothelial cells and PDGFR-β is expressed by mural cells, ...

    Authors: Shioto Suzuki, Carl-Henrik Heldin and Rainer Lothar Heuchel
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:224
  32. Ovarian cancer (OvCa) most often derives from ovarian surface epithelial (OSE) cells. Several lines of evidence strongly suggest that increased exposure to progesterone (P4) protects women against developing O...

    Authors: Cathy B Wilcox, Grace O Feddes, Joan E Willett-Brozick, Lih-Ching Hsu, Julie A DeLoia and Bora E Baysal
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:223
  33. Breast cancer in young Saudi women is a crucial problem. According to the 2002 annual report of Saudi National Cancer Registry, breast cancers that developed before the age of 40 comprise 26.4% of all female b...

    Authors: Naser Elkum, Said Dermime, Dahish Ajarim, Ali Al-Zahrani, Adher Alsayed, Asma Tulbah, Osama Al Malik, Mohamed Alshabanah, Adnan Ezzat and Taher Al-Tweigeri
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:222
  34. COX-2 inhibitors, such as celecoxib, and ubiquitin-proteasome pathway inhibitors, such as bortezomib, can down-regulate NF-κB, a transcription factor implicated in tumor growth. The objective of this study was...

    Authors: John Hayslip, Uzair Chaudhary, Mark Green, Mario Meyer, Steven Dunder, Carol Sherman, Shanta Salzer, Andrew Kraft and Alberto J Montero
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:221
  35. RhoB is down-regulated in most lung cancer cell lines and tumor tissues when compared with their normal counterparts. The mechanism of this loss of expression is not yet deciphered.

    Authors: Julien Mazières, Daniel Tovar, Biao He, Jacobo Nieto-Acosta, Claire Marty-Detraves, Carine Clanet, Anne Pradines, David Jablons and Gilles Favre
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:220
  36. The lymphatics form a second circulatory system that drains the extracellular fluid and proteins from the tumor microenvironment, and provides an exclusive environment in which immune cells interact and respon...

    Authors: Marcia R Saban, Rheal Towner, Nataliya Smith, Andrew Abbott, Michal Neeman, Carole A Davis, Cindy Simpson, Julie Maier, Sylvie Mémet, Xue-Ru Wu and Ricardo Saban
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:219
  37. In comparative pathology, canine mammary tumours have special interest because of their similarities with human breast cancer. Mixed tumours are uncommon lesions in the human breast, but they are found most fr...

    Authors: Marisa CLS Genelhu, Sérgio V Cardoso, Helenice Gobbi and Geovanni D Cassali
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:218
  38. TGFβ is critical to control hepatocyte proliferation by inducing G1-growth arrest through multiple pathways leading to inhibition of E2F transcription activity. The retinoblastoma protein pRb is a key controll...

    Authors: Sharon Sheahan, Christopher O Bellamy, Donald R Dunbar, David J Harrison and Sandrine Prost
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:215
  39. We conducted a case-control study to evaluate the role of UDP-glucuronosyltransferase 1A7 (UGT1A7) polymorphisms in the onset of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).

    Authors: I Stücker, MA Loriot, G N'Koutchou, S Cénée, L Bodin, C Mulot, M Gelu-Simeon, L Pelletier, JP Bronowicki, F Degos, P Beaune, P Laurent-Puig, D Hémon, JC Trinchet and G Pelletier
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:214
  40. Hypoxia-inducible factor-1 (HIF-1) overexpression has been linked to tumor progression and poor prognosis. We investigated whether targeting of HIF-1 using chetomin, a disrupter of the interaction of HIF-1 wit...

    Authors: Adrian Staab, Jürgen Loeffler, Harun M Said, Désirée Diehlmann, Astrid Katzer, Melanie Beyer, Markus Fleischer, Franz Schwab, Kurt Baier, Hermann Einsele, Michael Flentje and Dirk Vordermark
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:213
  41. Genetic instability is a hallmark of tumours and preneoplastic lesions. The predominant form of genome instability in human cancer is chromosome instability (CIN). CIN is characterized by chromosomal aberratio...

    Authors: Laura Lentini, Angela Amato, Tiziana Schillaci and Aldo Di Leonardo
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:212
  42. Bone morphogenetic protein-6 (BMP-6) is critically involved in many developmental processes. Recent studies indicate that BMP-6 is closely related to tumor differentiation and metastasis.

    Authors: Shuang Yang, Jun Du, Zhaoqi Wang, Wei Yuan, Yuhuan Qiao, Ming Zhang, Jie Zhang, Songyuan Gao, Jian Yin, Baocun Sun and Tianhui Zhu
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:211
  43. Hodgkin's lymphoma survivors (HLSs) commonly report chronic fatigue, defined as high levels of fatigue for 6 months or more. Underlying mechanisms are poorly understood. Based upon knowledge from other populat...

    Authors: Line M Oldervoll, Jon H Loge, Stein Kaasa, Stian Lydersen, Marianne J Hjermstad, Lene Thorsen, Harald Holte Jr, Anne B Jacobsen and Sophie D Fosså
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:210
  44. Smad4 is a tumour suppressor frequently inactivated in pancreatic and colorectal cancers. We have recently reported loss of Smad4 in every fourth carcinoma of the uterine cervix. Smad4 transmits signals from t...

    Authors: Susanne Klein-Scory, Marc Zapatka, Christina Eilert-Micus, Sabine Hoppe, Elisabeth Schwarz, Wolff Schmiegel, Stephan A Hahn and Irmgard Schwarte-Waldhoff
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:209
  45. Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is the most invasive and frequently diagnosed malignancy and the second leading cause of cancer death in many regions of Asia. The PI3K/Akt/mTOR signal pathway is involved in mul...

    Authors: Xinxin Bu, Fengqi Jia, Weifeng Wang, Xianling Guo, Mengchao Wu and Lixin Wei
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2007 7:208

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