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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Improve global diagnostic rates to reduce breast cancer mortality

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Breast cancer is the most common cancer worldwide. Major global inequalities in distribution and access to optimal breast cancer care has been highlighted by the WHO. In light of this and in the spirit of the political commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals Agenda, the WHO launched the  Global Breast Cancer Initiative in 2021 with the final goal of empowering women worldwide and strengthening breast cancer control.

As part of our role in promoting progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, BMC Cancer has curated a collection of articles that emphasize the importance of efficient global breast cancer screening programs and early diagnosis to reduce health disparities and promote breast cancer control worldwide.


  • Improvement of screening programs

Delayed or failure to follow-up abnormal breast cancer screening mammograms in primary care: a systematic review.  

Reece, J.C., Neal, E.F.G., Nguyen, P. et al. BMC Cancer 21, 373 (2021).

Study protocol comparing the ethical, psychological and socio-economic impact of personalised breast cancer screening to that of standard screening in the “My Personal Breast Screening” (MyPeBS) randomised clinical trial. 

Roux, A., Cholerton, R., Sicsic, J. et al. BMC Cancer 22, 507 (2022).

Patient, primary care provider, and stakeholder perspectives on mammography screening frequency: lessons learned from a qualitative study. 

Ro, V., Jones, T., Silverman, T. et al. BMC Cancer 22, 819 (2022). 

Effectiveness of educational intervention on breast cancer knowledge and breast self-examination among female university students in Bangladesh: a pre-post quasi-experimental study. 

Sarker, R., Islam, M.S., Moonajilin, M.S. et al. BMC Cancer 22, 199 (2022).

Integration of breast cancer care in a middle-income country: learning from Suandok Breast Cancer Network (SBCN). 

Chitapanarux, I., Onchan, W., Wongmaneerung, P. et al. BMC Cancer 22, 26 (2022).

The impact of a breast cancer educational intervention in Ghanaian high schools. 

Nsaful, J., Dedey, F., Nartey, E. et al. BMC Cancer 22, 893 (2022). 

Patient-centered research: how do women tolerate nipple fluid aspiration as a potential screening tool for breast cancer?

Patuleia, S.I.S., Moelans, C.B., Koopman, J. et al. BMC Cancer 22, 705 (2022). 

Improved automated early detection of breast cancer based on high resolution 3D micro-CT microcalcification images. 

Brahimetaj, R., Willekens, I., Massart, A. et al. BMC Cancer 22, 162 (2022). 

  • Identification of novel biomarkers

Breast-cancer detection using blood-based infrared molecular fingerprints. 

Kepesidis, K.V., Bozic-Iven, M., Huber, M. et al. BMC Cancer 21, 1287 (2021).

N-glycolylneuraminic acid serum biomarker levels are elevated in breast cancer patients at all stages of disease. 

Shewell, L.K., Day, C.J., Kutasovic, J.R. et al.BMC Cancer 22, 334 (2022). 

The blood level of thioredoxin 1 as a supporting biomarker in the detection of breast cancer. 

Lee, Y.J., Kim, Y., Choi, B.B. et al. BMC Cancer 22, 12 (2022).

Whole genome deep sequencing analysis of cell-free DNA in samples with low tumour content. 

Ganesamoorthy, D., Robertson, A.J., Chen, W. et al. BMC Cancer 22, 85 (2022).

Characterization of surface markers on extracellular vesicles isolated from lymphatic exudate from patients with breast cancer. 

Ekström, K., Crescitelli, R., Pétursson, H.I. et al. BMC Cancer 22, 50 (2022).

Inflammatory biomarkers and risk of breast cancer among young women in Latin America: a case-control study. 

Fontvieille, E., His, M., Biessy, C. et al. BMC Cancer 22, 877 (2022).

Comparison of breast cancer surrogate subtyping using a closed-system RT-qPCR breast cancer assay and immunohistochemistry on 100 core needle biopsies with matching surgical specimens. 

Janeva, S., Parris, T.Z., Nasic, S. et al. BMC Cancer 21, 439 (2021).

Meta-analysis of diagnostic cell-free circulating microRNAs for breast cancer detection. 

Sehovic, E., Urru, S., Chiorino, G. et al. BMC Cancer 22, 634 (2022).