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Table 2 OCT4, SOX2 and NANOG expression in OC tumor tissues

From: An experimental model for ovarian cancer: propagation of ovarian cancer initiating cells and generation of ovarian cancer organoids

(n = 18)
OCT4high OCT4low SOX2high SOX2low NANOGhigh NANOGlow
Tumor tissue (%) 12 (67) 6 (33) 13 (72) 5 (28) 5 (28) 13 (72)
  1. Data are presented as counts (percentage). The histological score (HSCORE) ranged from 0 to 3 and was calculated to assess immunohistochemical staining by the following formula: HSCORE = ΣPi(i) where “pi” represents the percentage of positive cell counts in total cell counts, and “i” represents the intensity). An HSCORE of 0.05 was considered as a threshold to distinguish high expression and low expression