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Table 1 Time flow of procedures and examinations

From: Neoadjuvant irradiation of extremity soft tissue sarcoma with ions (Extrem-ion): study protocol for a randomized phase II pilot trial

  Study inclusion Prior to RT During RT At the end of RT 3 wk. after RT OP: 4-6 wk. after RT 6 wk. after RT 3 mo. after OP 6 mo. after OP 9 mo. after OP 12 mo. after OP
Inclusion and exclusion criteria x           
Informed consent x           
Medical history x   x x x   x x x x x
Evaluation of symptoms and toxicity x   x x x   x x x x x
Radiotherapy    x         
Resection       x      
MRI extremities   x    x    x x x x
CT Thorax   x       x x x x
Quality of life (QLQ-C30)   x    x    x    x