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Table 1 Flow-MRD response assessment after treatment of multiple myeloma

From: Longitudinal minimal residual disease assessment in multiple myeloma patients in complete remission – results from the NMSG flow-MRD substudy within the EMN02/HO95 MM trial

  Comment Patients Pts. with clinical progression (*1)
(A) Patients registered/included into the study Patients included into the study (Inclusion period: 01-03-2012 - 31-03-2014) 136     79
Patients with only diagnostic BM sample received (until 31-10-2018)   83    
Patients with BM samples for Flow-MRD analysis received (until 31-08-2018)   53    29
(B) 1st flow RA (Flow-MRD analysis FU1) Patients with BM samples received for 1st Flow-RA   53    
Excluded patients not reaching RS of CR at 1st response assessment    31   13
Excluded patients (OFF-protocol)    1   1
Included patients with RS of CR/SCR at 1st response assessment    21   14
Included with adequate BM sample     15  
Excluded with inadequate BM sample     6  
(C) Longitudinal flow-MRD analysis (FU1-FUX) Patients with BM samples received for longitudinal analysis   53    
Best reached RS during the patients course: <VGPR     2 1
Best reached RS during the patients course: VGPR     11 10
Best reached RS during the patients course: CR     12 5
Best reached RS during the patients course: sCR     28 13
Excluded patients (Off-protocol)    2   
Excluded patients not reaching CR over the entire patients course    13   
Excluded with inadequate BM samples (until progression)    4   
Included patients with reached RS CR/SCR over the patients course    34   
Included with ≥ 3 Flow-MRD samples analysed (incl. FU1)     20 7
Excluded with ≤ 2 Flow-MRD samples analysed (incl. FU1)     14 7
  1. Abbreviations: PR Partial response, VGPR Very good PR, CR Complete response, SCR Stringent CR, Flow-MRD MRD assessment using MFC, RA Response assessment, RS Clinical response category, FU Follow up (FU1 = 1st RA; FUX = subsequent follow ups), Pts Patients. Grey Boxes indicate patients included into the final analysis. (*1): at censoring date