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Table 1 Summary of publications reporting on the prognostic impact of F. nucleatum in oral cancers

From: Fusobacterium nucleatum and oral cancer: a critical review

Author Reference Specimen type Detection method Number of cases F. nucleatum detection rate Prognostic impact of
F. nucleatum detection
Molecular and clinicopathological associations with tumour F. nucleatum positivity
Neuzillet et al (2021) 66 Fresh frozen OSCC qPCR 151 82.1% Fn-positive (124/151) Better OS, RFS and MFS Older (> 56 years), non-drinkers, low pN stage. Low RNA levels of M2 macrophages (CD163), CD4 lymphocytes, fibroblasts (PDGFRß), TLR4, OX40 ligand (TNFSF4) High levels of TNFSF9 and IL-1ß
Chen et al
67 Fresh frozen HNSCC qPCR 68 55.8% Fn-high
Better CSS and RFS Non-smokers, lower tumour stage, hypermethylation of LXN and SMARCA2 genes
  1. Abbreviations: CIMP-H, CpG island methylator phenotype high; CSS, cancer-specific survival; ddPCR, droplet digital polymerase chain reaction; DFS, disease-free survival; FFPE, formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded; MSI-H, microsatellite instability-high; OS, overall survival; qPCR, quantitative polymerase chain reaction; RFS, recurrence-free survival; RT-qPCR, real time quantitative polymerase chain reaction