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Table 2 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Building a biopsychosocial model of cancer-related fatigue: the BIOCARE FActory cohort study protocol

Inclusion criteria • Patients care by chemotherapy or radiotherapy in Clinique Victor Hugo-Centre Jean Bernard, Le Mans, France or in Centre Hospitalier du Mans, Le Mans, France
• Patients with breast cancer diagnosis (Stage I to IIIc)
• Aged ≥18 and ≤ 80 years
• Approval received from oncologist
• ECOG Performance Status ≤2
• French speaking (able to understand questionnaires and instructions related to study procedures)
• Written informed consent obtained
Exclusion criteria • Comorbidities related to fatigue symptoms
• Polyneuropathy, amyotrophy or myasthenic syndrome diagnosis
• Contraindications to physical activity or to experimental procedures
• Antidepressants, psychostimulants, psychotropics, antiépileptics or benzodiazepine based treatment
• Previous or current psychosis, bipolarity or severe depression symptoms
• History of chronic fatigue, stroke or musculoskeletal disorders
• Participant is pregnant