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Table 2 Main outcomes of the screening colonoscopy among CRCbiome participants with preliminary distribution in percentages as of November 2020

From: The CRCbiome study: a large prospective cohort study examining the role of lifestyle and the gut microbiome in colorectal cancer screening participants

Colonoscopy result Percentagesa
FIT+, no colonoscopy 3.6
Group 1
 Negative 11.2
 Polyp without histologyb 2.4
 Non neoplastic findings 18.2
Group 2
 Non-advanced serrated lesionsc 6.4
 Non-advanced adenomas (< 3) 23.6
 Non-advanced adenomas (≥3) 8.4
Group 3
 Advanced serrated lesionsd 4.4
 Advanced adenomae 18.1
Group 4
 CRCf 3.6
  1. aAn extended version of this table, with colonoscopy result by FIT round, is shown in Additional file 1(Supplementary Table 2). In cases of multiple findings, participants are allocated to the most severe group. Numbers will therefore add up to 100%
  2. bPolyps lost during colonoscopy or where the endoscopist considers biopsy unnescessary, for example hyperplastic polyps in the rectum
  3. cIncludes hyperplastic polyps with size < 10 mm and sessile serrated lesions without dysplasia and size < 10 mm
  4. dDefined as any serrated lesions with size ≥ 10 mm or dysplasia
  5. eDefined as any adenoma with either villous histology (≥25% villous components), high-grade dysplasia or polyp size greater than or equal to 10 mm [52]
  6. fDefined as presence of adenocarcinoma arising from the colon or rectum. Collectively, advanced adenoma or CRC are referred to as advanced neoplasia [52]