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Table 3 Changes in RT plan in studies assessing effect of PSMA PET results on treatment plan

From: Phase 3 multicenter randomized trial of PSMA PET/CT prior to definitive radiation therapy for unfavorable intermediate-risk or high-risk prostate cancer [PSMA dRT]: study protocol

Author and year N Inclusion criteria Median PSA level, ng/mL (range) Change in planned pelvic RT
% local plan change % extra-pelvic disease local plan change details
Calais et al. 2018 [54] 73 IR/HR PCa prior to RT planning 13.9 (0.22–909) 7–19.5%a 9.5% covered pelvic LNs detected
Frenzel et al. 2018 [51] 20 PCa prior to RT planning 7.1 (0.48–137) 15% N/A shifted from IR to HR, one patient had boost to distant PET findings
Hruby et al. 2018 [55] 109 IR/HR PCa prior to RT planning 9.9 (1.23–240) 14.7% 6.4% covered pelvic LNs detected
Roach et al. 2017 [44] 108 IR/HR PCa prior to RP/ EBRT/ systemic treatment 8.6 (0.18–120) 15% 9% higher dose and volume
Sterzing et al. 2016 [62] 15 HR PCa for staging 7 (0.28–45) 13% N/A covered pelvic LNs detected
  1. aDepending on initial intent to include elective pelvic nodal RT (change: 7%) or not (change: 19.5%). +Mean value reported, not median. EBRT external-beam radiotherapy