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Table 3 Base-case estimates of cost and health benefits for different surgical treatment approaches

From: Cost-effectiveness of different surgical treatment approaches for early breast cancer: a retrospective matched cohort study from China

Surgical treatment approaches Cost($) Incremental cost($) QALYs Incremental QALYs Incremental cost per QALY (ICER, $)
MAST 37,392.84 17.11
MAST+RECON 70,556.03 33,163.19 18.40 1.29 25,707.90
BCT 82,330.97 44,938.13 20.20 3.09 14,543.08
  1. Abbreviations: MAST + RECON Mastectomy with reconstruction; BCT Breast-conserving therapy; MAST Mastectomy; QALYs Quality-adjusted life years; ICER Incremental cost-effectiveness ratio