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Table 4 Univariable cox proportional hazard model for independent effects of Ann Abor stage, serum LDH, IPI score, ECOG score, location, age, further chemotherapy, further radiation, intrathecal prophylaxis, and tumor size on progression-free survival (PFS) and overall survival (OS)

From: Adult primary testicular lymphoma: clinical features and survival in a series of patients treated at a high-volume institution in China

Advanced stage (III or IV) vs. limited stage (I or II)1.6(95%CI, 0.5–5.9)0.55.9(95%CI,1.6–25.0)0.009
Elevated serum LDH vs. normal serum LDH1.0(95%CI,0.4–2.7)0.91.6(95%CI,0.4–6.3)0.5
IPI score: 3–5 vs. 0–21.6(95%CI,0.2–2.7)0.43.9(95%CI,1.1–16.7)0.04
ECOG score over 1 vs. not more than 11.0(95%CI,0.4–2.7)0.91.7(95%CI,0.4–6.7)0.5
Location: unilateral vs bilateral9.0(95%CI,0.1–36.8)0.28.1(95%CI,0.06–42.0)0.5
Location: left vs. others1.2(95%CI,0.5–3.2)0.70.8(95%CI,0.2–3.2)0.7
Location: right vs. others1.8(95%CI, 0.7–4.7)0.32.2(95%CI, 0.6–8.8)0.3
Age ≥ 60 vs. age < 600.9(95%CI,0.3–2.6)0.81.2(95%CI,0.3–5.8)0.8
Further chemotherapy: NO vs. YES3.4(95%CI,1.1–10.9)0.031.8(95%CI,0.4–8.0)0.5
Further radiation: NO vs. YES0.8(95%CI,0.3–2.3)0.71.1(95%CI,0.3–4.7)0.9
Intrathecal prophylaxis: NO vs. YES1.0(95%CI,0.4–2.7)0.90.6(95%CI,0.1–2.6)0.5
Tumor size (cm):≥5 vs. <50.7(95%CI, 0.3–2.1)0.61.5(95%CI, 0.4–5.5)0.6
  1. Table 4 note: LDH Lactate dehydrogenase, IPI International prognostic index, ECOG Eastern cooperative oncology group.