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Table 2 Summary statistics relating to growth curves models fit to the treated data

From: Different ODE models of tumor growth can deliver similar results

Simeoni -16786.126818.12.0156818.91.0166833.23.020
Simeoni - 26780.106812.10.3106812.89.3256827.21.410
Simeoni - 36780.326812.32.2786813.11.2916827.44.366
  1. Notes
  2. 1, 2, and 3 in the Simeoni model designations refer to the number of delay compartments incorporated into these models (Fig. 1). The delay model has one peripheral compartment, with an explicit delay in elimination (Fig. 2)
  3. LL log likelihood, AIC Akaike information criterion, w(AIC) weights derived from candidate model AIC values, AICc corrected Akaike information criterion, w(AICc) weights derived from candidate model AICc values, BIC Bayesian information criteron, w(BIC) weights derived from candidate model BIC values