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Table 2 Univariate and multivariate analysis for risk factors of aspiration pneumonia

From: Risk factors for aspiration pneumonia during concurrent chemoradiotherapy or bio-radiotherapy for head and neck cancer

VariablesUnivariate analysisMultivariate analysis
Odds ratio95% CIPOdds ratio95% CIP
Age < 70 vs. ≥700.940.56–1.590.82   
Gender Male vs. Female1.320.65–2.680.45   
ECOG Performance status 0–1 vs.2–30.280.11–0.720.00810.680.24–1.930.47
BMI < 20 vs. ≥201.560.94–2.600.086   
Primary site Oropharynx vs. others1.771.07–2.920.0270.840.47–1.490.55
T-classification 1–2 vs. 3–40.860.54–1.370.52   
N-classification 0-2b vs. 2c-30.390.23–0.66< 0.0010.510.28–0.930.027
Histology SCC vs. others1.540.57–4.180.40   
Brinkman index < 500 vs. ≥5001.110.69–1.810.67   
Habitual alcoholic consumption Yes vs. No1.430.88–2.330.16   
Use of ACEi or ARB Yes vs. No1.250.70–2.220.45   
Use of PPI or H2 blocker Yes vs. No1.390.86–2.220.18   
Oral hygiene before treatment Good vs. Poor0.400.25–0.66< 0.0010.480.28–0.830.0076
Coexistence of other malignancies Yes vs. No1.120.78–1.560.57   
Charlson comorbidity index 0–1 vs. ≥20.760.44–1.310.32   
Serum albumin before treatment Within normal limits vs. less than normal range0.150.27–0.48< 0.0010.360.18–0.730.0015
Hemoglobin before treatment Within normal limits vs. less than normal range0.370.23–0.61< 0.0010.780.43–1.430.42
Use of sleeping pills before treatment Yes .vs No1.350.75–2.440.32   
Induction chemotherapy Yes vs. No0.760.44–1.310.33   
Concurrent chemotherapy regimen CDDP vs. others1.300.75–2.250.36   
Radiation technique Conventional 3D-CRT vs. IMRT1.120.68–1.850.66   
Radiation dose 70Gy vs. <70Gy0.580.17–2.040.40   
Irradiation field Local vs. whole neck0.400.19–0.840.0160.560.25–1.230.15
Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy prior to treatment Yes vs. No1.620.96–2.770.067   
Treatment Inpatient vs. Outpatient2.701.65–4.40< 0.0012.351.39–3.980.0015
Dysphagia score before treatment 1–2 vs. 3–40.560.30–1.030.062