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Table 2 Numbers and incidence rates of all 24-months interval breast cancers (in-situ plus invasive) after the initial prevalence and the first subsequent incidence screening of the mammography screening program North Rhine-Westphalia, 2005 to 2013

From: Incidence of advanced-stage breast cancer in regular participants of a mammography screening program: a prospective register-based study

 Number of screened women with negative screeningNumber of interval cancersInterval cancer
Incidence rate per 100,000a
[95% CI]
After initial screening1,190,2672859240.2 [231.4; 249.0]
After first subsequent screening495,2581082215.3 [202.3; 228.3]
  1. aage - standardized to the distribution of the 5-years age groups in the initial screening, 95% CI: 95% confidence interval