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Table 4 System-level outcomes related to the mNavigator application

From: Using digital health to facilitate compliance with standardized pediatric cancer treatment guidelines in Tanzania: protocol for an early-stage effectiveness-implementation hybrid study

OutcomeMeasureData source
UsabilityaSystem usability scale score ranging from 0 to 100. A SUS score above a 68 is considered above average and anything below 68 is below average.10-point validated system usability scale
AcceptabilityProportion of providers who would continue to use the app.
Proportion of providers who would recommend the app to others.
Semi-structured interviews
UtilizationNumber of forms submitted, stratified, by users, per month of implementationData from mNavigator (Mobile users statistics)
ReachNumber of patients registered in mNavigator during study periodData from mNavigator (Mobile users statistics)
Stability• Number of instances of mNavigator failure per month (all-causes)
• Number of instances of CommCare failure per month (all-causes)
• Number of instances of device
• failure per month (all-causes)
Data from CommCare (Worker Activity and Daily Activity reports) cross checked with manual reports from Mobile users
TrainingNumber of hours of initial training as well as hours of ongoing support provided during the first month of ImplementationManually recorded from Duke team members that are performing initial training
User-proficiencyNumber of users who are proficient in use of mNavigator within first month of implementationData from CommCare (Worker Activity reports)
Time per formAverage time in minutes spent completing each form, stratified by formData from mNavigator (Mobile users statistics)
Time per patientTotal time in minutes spent entering patient data in mNavigator, from time of registration until an outcome is recorded. Calculated by summing time for completing each form by patient.Data from mNavigator (Mobile users statistics)
  1. aSystem Usability Scale developed by John Brooke is available from