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Table 2 mRNA functional analysis

From: Integrative analysis of breast cancer profiles in TCGA by TNBC subgrouping reveals novel microRNA-specific clusters, including miR-17-92a, distinguishing basal-like 1 and basal-like 2 TNBC subtypes

Down-regulated in BL1 vs BL2Up-regulated in BL1 vs BL2
Extracellular matrix organization and adhesionmRNA processing
EGF domainscell division
Collagen processing and catabolismnuclear export
Transmembrane componentsmitochondria
TSP domainsDNA repair
Cadherin domainsviral processing
Cell junctions 
Leucine-rich repeats 
Fibronectin domains 
Sushi domains 
  1. Most distinct functional areas of mRNAs differentially expressed between BL1 and BL2 subtypes