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Table 5 Multivariate analysis (Cox proportional hazards model)

From: Immune classification for the PD-L1 expression and tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes in colorectal adenocarcinoma

ParametersMultivariate (TMIT)Multivariate (PD-L1/CD8 TIL)
TMIT   0.022*  
Type III & IV vs. Type I1.8311.122–2.9890.015*
Type II vs. Type I1.9551.208–3.1640.006*
CD8Low vs. high expression1.4061.021–1.9360.037*
PD-L1Positive vs. Negative expression1.2390.903–1.7000.184
pT category   <  0.001*  <  0.001*
 pT3 vs. pT1–22.0291.209–3.4060.007*2.0721.230–3.4880.006*
 pT4 vs. pT1–23.7162.027–6.813<  0.001*3.8382.092–7.039<  0.001*
Lymph node
Presence vs. Absence1.8991.408–2.561<  0.001*1.9551.450–2.636<  0.001*
Deficient mismatch repairAbsence vs. Presence1.7800.871–3.6400.1141.8270.894–3.7320.098
AgeMore than 67 vs. less than 67 years1.6871.224–2.3260.001*1.6621.207–2.2900.002*
Chemotherapy or RadiotherapyOnly resection vs. Resection with chemo- or radiotherapy2.0391.491–2.789<  0.001*2.0861.526–2.852<  0.001*
  1. CI confidence interval, HR hazard ratio, TIL tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes, TMIT tumour microenvironment immune type