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Table 5 Multivariate analysis of EFS and OS of MRD-assigned risk and AJS-positive groups in adults

From: Low incidence of ABL-class and JAK-STAT signaling pathway alterations in uniformly treated pediatric and adult B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients using MRD risk-directed approach – a population-based study

Risk Groups EFS OS
  Hazard Ratio p-Values Hazard Ratio p-Values
SR reference reference
IR 0.885 (0.220–3.570) 0.846 2.219 (0.257–19.136) 0.468
HR + HR-SCT 0.753 (0.146–3.875) 0.734 1.568 (0.134–18.298) 0.720
AJS-positive 5.545 (1.057–29.090) 0.046 2.783 (0.436–17.881) 0.278
  1. SR Standard risk, IR Intermediate risk, HR High risk, HR-SCT High risk–stem cell transplant groups, AJS ABL-class or JAK-STAT pathway fusions, EFS Event-free survival, OS Overall survival, MRD Minimal residual disease