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Table 3 Base case results of the model

From: Cost-effectiveness analysis of cabazitaxel for metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer after docetaxel and androgen-signaling-targeted inhibitor resistance

Model outcomes Cabazitaxel ASTI
Cost ($)
 Costs in PFS 94,672.44 43,831.50
 Costs in PD 10,497.26 11,851.17
 Total costs 105,169.70 55,682.67
 Incremental costs 49,487.03
Effectiveness (QALYs)
 QALYs in PFS 0.40 0.19
 QALYs in PD 0.17 0.22
 Total effectiveness 0.57 0.41
 Incremental effectiveness 0.16
ICER ($/QALY) 309,293.94
  1. ASTI androgen-signaling-targeted inhibitor, PFS progression-free survival, OS overall survival, QALYs quality-adjusted life years, IECR incremental cost-effectiveness ratio