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Table 1 Standard options for radiation dose, fractionation, and verification imaging

From: Early palliative radiation versus observation for high-risk asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic bone metastases: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Total Dose Fractions Dose per Fraction Verification Imaging
800cGY 1 800cGY MV or KV
2000cGY 5 400cGY MV or KV
3000cGY 10 300cGY MV or KV
3000cGY 5 600cGY KV and CBCT
3500cGY 5 700cGY KV and CBCT
2400cGY 3 800cGY KV and CBCT
2700cGY 3 900cGY KV and CBCT
2400cGY 1 2400cGY KV and CBCT