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Table 3 Schedule of Enrolment, Interventions, and Assessments Recommended Follow-up Schedule Protocol^

From: Randomised prospective phase II trial in multiple brain metastases comparing outcomes between hippocampal avoidance whole brain radiotherapy with or without simultaneous integrated boost: HA-SIB-WBRT study protocol

  1. ^The follow-up schedule is based on current recommended routine practice. A window period of +/− 2 weeks is allowed for the 1st month follow up visit. +/− 1 month is allowed for the 3rd, 6th and 12th month follow-up visit. It is advised that this be followed for standardisation of records, however individual deviations will be allowed. +MRI Brain imaging if performed following surgery should be done 2-weeks post op. MRI is recommended for follow-up brain imaging but contrasted-CT scan is allowed
  2. *Only in females with child-bearing potential