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Table 2 Cox regression analysis shows that high proportion of anergic B cells in the BM (N = 47) and R-IPI score predicts overall survival independently. The same analysis for BM involvement is not significant. For this analysis, p-value of <.05 was taken to be significant

From: High proportion of anergic B cells in the bone marrow defined phenotypically by CD21(−/low)/CD38- expression predicts poor survival in diffuse large B cell lymphoma

  Sig. Hazard Ratio 95.0% CI for Hazard ratio
    Lower Upper
R-IPI Score 0.007 2.18 1.23 3.85
% Anergic B cells BM 0.010 1.04 1.01 1.08
BM involvement 0.160 0.20 0.02 1.90
  1. R-IPI Revised International Prognostic Index, BM Bone marrow