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Table 5 Logistic regression analyses for 38G and CAPRA-S for association with patient outcome (TCGA cohort)

From: A 38-gene model comprised of key TET2-associated genes shows additive utility to high-risk prostate cancer cases in the prognostication of biochemical recurrence

  Odds ratio 2.50% 97.50% p-value
38G 7.99 2.28 50.66 5.65E-03
CAPRA-S 2.99 1.68 5.72 4.18E-04
38G 5.7 1.57 36.66 2.26E-02
CAPRA-S 2.5 1.39 4.85 3.65E-03
  1. Note: CAPRA-S has been assessed as per categorical risk classification: low, intermediate, and high-risk