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Table 4 Univariate and multivariate Cox regression analyses for 38G and CAPRA-S in the validation (TCGA) cohort

From: A 38-gene model comprised of key TET2-associated genes shows additive utility to high-risk prostate cancer cases in the prognostication of biochemical recurrence

  Hazard ratio 2.50% 97.50% log-rank p-value
38G 2.458 1.14 5.3 0.0218
CAPRA-S 2.209 1.441 3.387 2.77E-04
Multivariate (low vs intermediate vs high risk CAPRA-S)
38G 2.222 0.976 5.059 0.0571
CAPRA-S 2.073 1.344 3.198 9.81E-04
Multivariate (high-risk vs. low/intermediate-risk CAPRA-S)
38G 2.799 1.498 5.229 0.0013
CAPRA-S 2.362 1.039 5.37 4.03E-02
  1. CAPRA-S has been assessed as per categorical risk classification: low, intermediate, and high-risk
  2. Multivariate analysis 1: HR represents increased risk in intermediate-risk cases as compared to low-risk, or in high-risk cases as compared to intermediate-risk
  3. Multivariate analysis 2: HR represents increased risk in high-risk cases as compared to low- or intermediate-risk cases