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Table 2 DEGs in pCR and relapse groups

From: Prediction of prognostic signatures in triple-negative breast cancer based on the differential expression analysis via NanoString nCounter immune panel

 Gene aP-value
 IL2RA 2.34E-07
 CCL5 1.17E-06
 SELE 1.71E-04
 CCL20 1.67E-05
 FCER1A 7.49E-04
 CD1A 8.26E-05
 HAMP 3.35E-04
 CD7 5.12E-04
 C4A.B 1.34E-04
 CCL5 9.49E-06
 vCCL7 9.85E-06
 TNFSF13B 5.80E-05
 CSF2RB 1.60E-04
 CLEC4E 2.73E-04
 CCL8 3.58E-04
 SELE 3.97E-04
 EDNRB 4.34E-04
 IL17B 5.75E-04
 IL2RA 7.44E-04
 FCER1A 8.09E-04
 TGFBI 1.07E-03
 GZMB 1.12E-03
  1. Only genes at FDR < 0.05 after multiple hypothesis testing are presented
  2. a: Original P value calculated in edgeR
  3. b, c: DEGs in pCR and relapse conditions respectively