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Table 2 Clinico-pathologic characteristics of BRCA mutation carriers

From: Contribution of BRCA1 and BRCA2 germline mutations to early onset breast cancer: a series from north of Morocco

ID Variant Age (Interval) Family History Bilateral cancer Stage Histology mSBR grade Molecular subtype
1 BRCA1 c.116G > A + BRCA2 c.4090A > G 28–35 Aunt M, lung
Aunt P, liver
No Early NST 3 TN
2 BRCA1 c.2125_2126insA 28–35 P cousin, BC No Early NST 2 TN
3 BRCA1 c.798_799del 28–35 No No Early NST 3 TN
4 BRCA2 c.5116_5119delAATA 36–40 M cousin, uterus Yes Early NST 3 Luminal
5 BRCA2 c.289G > T 28–35 P aunt, BC
P Aunt, Arm
No LA NST 2 Luminal
6 BRCA2 c.6322C > T 36–40 P cousin, unknown No Early NST 2 Luminal
  1. Abbreviations: BC Breast cancer, LA Locally Advanced, M Maternal, NST Invasive carcinoma of No Special Type, P Paternal, TN Triple negative