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Table 1 Overview and timing of assessments in the Fex-Can Cohort

From: Sexual dysfunction and fertility-related distress in young adults with cancer over 5 years following diagnosis: study protocol of the Fex-Can Cohort study

Type of data Time of diagnosis / treatment start Baseline
1.5 years
3 years
5 years
Mode of administration     
Survey data
 Background variables   X X X
 Sexual function (SexFS v2)   X X X
 Fertility-related distress (RCAC)   X X X
 Anxiety and depression (HADS)   X X X
 Health-related quality of life (EORTC QLQ-C30)   X X X
 Body Image (BIS)   X X X
 Self-efficacy   X X X
 Fertility-related knowledge   X X X
 Clinical data Xa Xb Xb Xb
  1. aExtraction of data from respective quality registry at time of baseline-assessment
  2. bUpdated information extracted from the quality registries in connection to analyses