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Table 1 Search strings for systematic review and meta-analysis

From: Prevalence and incidence of cancer related lymphedema in low and middle-income countries: a systematic review and meta-analysis

No. Searches
1. (((((((((Afghanistan* or Benin* or Burkina Faso* or Burundi* or Central African
Republic* or Chad* or Comoros* or Congo* or Eritrea* or Ethiopia* or Gambia*
or Guinea-Bissau* or Haiti* or Korea Republic* or Liberia* or Madagascar* or
Malawi* or Mali* or Mozambique* or Nepal* or Niger* or Rwanda* or Sierra
Leone* or Somalia* or South Sudan* or Syrian Arab Republic* or Tajikistan* or
Tanzania* or Togo* or Uganda* or Yemen* or Zimbabwe* or Angola* or
Bangladesh* or Bhutan* or Bolivia* or Cabo Verde* or Cambodia* or Cameroon*
or Congo* or Ivory Coast* or Djibouti* or Egypt* or El Salvador* or Georgia* or
Ghana* or Honduras* or India* or Indonesia* or Kenya* or Kiribati* or Kosovo* or
Kyrgyz Republic* or Lao PDP* or Lesotho* or Mauritania* or Micronesia* or
Moldova* or Mongolia* or Morocco* or Myanmar* or Nicaragua* or Nigeria* or
Pakistan* or Papua New Guinea* or Philippines* or Sao Tome) and Principe*) or
Solomon Islands* or Sri Lanka* or Sudan* or Swaziland* or Timor-Leste* or
Tunisia* or Ukraine* or Uzbekistan* or Vanuatu* or Vietnam* or West Bank) and
Gaza*) or Zambia* or Albania* or Algeria* or American Samoa* or Armenia* or
Azerbaijan* or Belarus* or Belize* or Bosnia) and Herzegovina*) or Botswana* or
Brazil* or Bulgaria* or China* or Colombia* or Costa Rica* or Cuba* or
Dominica* or Dominican Republic* or Equatorial Guinea* or Ecuador* or Fiji* or
Gabon* or Grenada* or Guatemala* or Guyana* or Iran* or Iraq* or Jamaica* or
Jordan* or Kazakhstan* or Lebanon* or Libya* or Macedonia* or Malaysia* or
Maldives* or Marshall Islands* or Mauritius* or Mexico* or Montenegro* or
Namibia* or Nauru* or Paraguay* or Peru* or Romania* or Russian Federation*
or Samoa* or Serbia* or South Africa* or Saint Lucia* or Saint Vincent) and the
Grenadines*) or Suriname* or Thailand* or Tonga* or Turkey* or Turkmenistan*
or Tuvalu* or Venezuela*).mp.
2. ((Developing or underdeveloped or under-developed or less-developed or least-developed) adj world).mp.
3. (Asia* or Africa* or Caribbean* or central America* or south America* or
Melanesia* or Micronesia* or Polynesia*).mp.
4. ((developing or underdeveloped or under-developed or less-developed or least developed
or less-economically developed or less-affluent or least-affluent) adj
(country or countries or nation or nations or region or regions or economy or
5. (Third-world* or third world* or 3rd-world*).mp.
6. Developing countries/ or exp. africa/ or exp. Caribbean region/ or exp. central
America/ or latin America/ or exp. south america/ or asia/ or exp. asia, central/ or
exp. asia, southeastern/ or exp. asia, western/ or exp. indian ocean islands/ or
pacific islands/ or exp. melanesia/ or exp. micronesia/ or exp. west indies/
7. or/1–6
8. or Edema/
10 Elephantiasis, Filarial/ or or Elephantiasis/
11. exp Lymphedema/
13. Breast Cancer Lymphedema/ or or Non-Filarial Lymphedema/
14. *lymphedema/
15. *edema/
16. exp Edema/
17. 8 or 9 or 10 or 11 or 12 or 13 or 14 or 15 or 16
18. 7 and 17
19 limit 18 to humans
20. (((((((((‘Andorra’ or ‘Antigua) and Barbuda’) or ‘Argentina’ or ‘Aruba’ or ‘Australia’ or
‘Austria’ or ‘Bahamas’ or ‘Bahrain’ or ‘Barbados’ or ‘Belgium’ or ‘Bermuda’ or
‘British virgin islands’ or ‘Brunei Darussalam’ or ‘Canada’ or ‘Cayman Islands’ or
‘Channel Islands’ or ‘Chile’ or ‘Croatia’ or ‘Curacao’ or ‘Cyprus’ or ‘Czech Republic’ or
‘Denmark’ or ‘Estonia’ or ‘Faroe Islands’ or ‘Finland’ or ‘France’ or ‘French Polynesia’
or ‘Germany’ or ‘Gibraltar’ or ‘Greece’ or ‘Greenland’ or ‘Guam’ or ‘Hong Kong Sar’ or
‘China’ or ‘Hungary’ or ‘Iceland’ or ‘Ireland’ or ‘Isle of Man’ or ‘Israel’ or ‘Italy’ or
‘Japan’ or ‘Korea’ or ‘Kuwait’ or ‘Latvia’ or ‘Liechtenstein’ or ‘Lithuania’ or
‘Luxembourg’ or ‘Macao Sar’ or ‘Malta’ or ‘Monaco’ or ‘Netherlands’ or ‘New
Caledonia’ or ‘New Zealand’ or ‘Northern Mariana Islands’ or ‘Norway’ or ‘Oman’ or
‘Palau’ or ‘Panama’ or ‘Poland’ or ‘Portugal’ or ‘Puerto Rico’ or ‘Qatar’ or ‘San
Marino’ or ‘Saudi Arabia’ or ‘Seychelles’ or ‘Singapore’ or ‘Sint Maarten’ or ‘Slovak
Republic’ or ‘Slovenia’ or ‘Spain’ or ‘Saint Kitts) and Nevis’) or ‘Saint Martin’ or
‘Sweden’ or ‘Switzerland’ or ‘Taiwan’ or ‘Trinidad) and Tobago’) or ‘Turks) and Caicos
Islands’) or ‘United Arab Emirates’ or ‘United Kingdom’ or ‘United States’ or
‘Uruguay’ or ‘Virgin Islands’).mp.
21. 19 not 20