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Table 7 Multivariate Analyses of DFS, LRFS, and DMFS for Patients with high SCC level

From: Preoperative SCC-Ag as a predictive marker for the use of adjuvant chemotherapy in cervical squamous cell carcinoma with intermediate-risk factors

HR (95%CI)p valueHR (95%CI)p valueHR (95%CI)p value
Adjuvant chemotherapy
Yes vs no
0.456 (0.217–0.957)0.0380.538 (0.207–1.401)0.2040.282 (0.111–0.721)0.008
Tumor size
≥4 cm vs < 4 cm
2.988 (1.278–6.984)0.0123.213 (1.426–7.335)0.0071.731 (0.701–4.276)0.234
Yes vs no
2.083 (0.988–4.391)0.0542.886 (1.012–8.235)0.0481.410 (0.603–3.296)0.428
No vs yes
0.645 (0.319–1.302)0.2210.610 (0.241–1.541)0.2960.658 (0.288–1.501)0.319
  1. Abbreviations: DFS disease-free survival, LRFS local recurrence-free survival, DMFS distant metastasis-free survival, DSI deep stromal invasion, LVSI lymph-vascular space invasion, SCC squamous cell carcinoma;