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Table 1 Patient Demographics and Baseline Tumor Characteristics

From: Preoperative SCC-Ag as a predictive marker for the use of adjuvant chemotherapy in cervical squamous cell carcinoma with intermediate-risk factors

VariableAdjuvant chemo-radiotherapy (n = 156)Adjuvant radiotherapy (n = 145)p value
Age, year  0.046
Stage  0.752
LVSI  0.562
DSI  1.000
Tumor size  0.526
  ≥ 4114101 
  < 44244 
Risk group  0.787
 large Tumor+DSI9078 
 large Tumor+LVSI2423 
 DSI + LVSI4244 
Follow up, months  0.932
  1. Abbreviation: DSI deep stromal invasion, LVSI lymph-vascular space invasion, SCC squamous cell carcinoma