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Table 3 C-indexes of the predictive model for patients with ASC

From: A competing risk nomogram predicting cause-specific mortality in patients with lung adenosquamous carcinoma

Cohort C-indexes Adjusted C-indexes
  3-year 5-year 3-year 5-year
Training cohort
 LC-SM 0.83 (CI, 0.78–0.87) 0.82 (CI, 0.73–0.90)   
Validation cohort
 LC-SM 0.79 (CI, 0.75–0.84) 0.79 (CI, 0.71–0.88)   
Overall cohort
 LC-SM    0.81 (CI, 0.80–0.83) 0.81 (CI, 0.80–0.83)
  1. Note: Adjusted C-indexes of the model were calculated using ten-fold cross validation
  2. Abbreviations: ASC adenosquamous carcinoma, CI confidence interval, LC-SM lung cancer-specific mortality