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Table 4 Exercise adherence variables

From: Rehabilitation strategies following oesophagogastric and Hepatopancreaticobiliary cancer (ReStOre II): a protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Total number of supervised sessions attendedTotal number of supervised sessions attended in the CRF at SJH
Total number of homebased sessions completedTotal number of homebased sessions reported in exercise diary as complete
Total number of compliant aerobic sessions completedTotal number of aerobic sessions (supervised/unsupervised) where prescribed aerobic exercise dosage was achieved
Total number of compliant resistance sessionsTotal number of resistance sessions (supervised/unsupervised) where prescribed resistance training dosage was achieved
Permanent treatment discontinuationPermanent discontinuation of the ReStOre II programme before week 12
Treatment interruptionMissing at least three consecutive supervised ReStOre II sessions
Dose modificationNumber of supervised sessions requiring exercise dose modification
Early session terminationNumber of supervised sessions requiring early session termination
Pre-treatment intensity modificationNumber of supervised sessions requiring modification because of a pre-exercise screening indication.