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Table 1 Pre-HIIT Outcomes

From: Preoperative exercise to improve fitness in patients undergoing complex surgery for cancer of the lung or oesophagus (PRE-HIIT): protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Primary outcome
 Cardiorespiratory fitnessCardiopulmonary Exercise Test (CPET)XXX 
Secondary outcomes
Pulmonary and Physical Performance
  Functional performanceShort Physical Performance Battery (SPPB)XXX 
  Muscle StrengthLeg Press 1-RMXXX 
  Physical activityInternational Physical Activity QuestionnaireXXX 
  Pulmonary FunctionCPETXXX 
  Maximum Inspiratory PressurePowerBreathe K-seriesXXX 
  Nutritional StatusDietary interviewXXX 
  Quality of LifeEORTC-QLQ-C30XXXX
  Cancer specific quality of LifeEORTC-QLQ-OG25 (oesophago-gastric cancer)XXXX
 EORTC-QLQ-LC 13 (lung cancer)XXXX
Qualitative approachSemi –structured interviews (focus groups or 1:1)  X 
Cost analysesEQ5D   X
 Service Use Inventory   X
Post-operative morbidity
 Post-operative outcomesSelf-reported Functional Recovery   X
Post-Operative Morbidity Score   X
Clavien Dindo Score   X
Comprehensive Complications Index   X
 AdherenceRecord in case report form/ exercise diary  X 
 Sociodemographic detailsParticipant self-report X  
 Body compositionAnthropometry XX 
 Cancer/Surgery historyMedical records X  
 Adverse eventsReports of patients/ research personnel  X