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Table 2 Prognostic value of SLC6A1 expression for the biochemical recurrence-free in univariate and multivariate analyses using Cox Regression models

From: Overexpression of SLC6A1 associates with drug resistance and poor prognosis in prostate cancer

 Univariable AnalysisPMultivariable AnalysisP
Age (< 66 vs. ≥6a6)1.02 (0.575–1.820)0.9380.711 (0.373–1.356)0.301
Gleason score (< 8 vs. ≥8)3.927(2.182–7.070)0.00012.619(1.344–5.106)0.005
Pathological tumor stage (T2 vs. ≥T3)4.800(2.060–11.185)0.00012.092(0.826–5.299)0.120
Clinical tumor stage (<T2A vs. ≥T2A)3.289(1.647–6.568)0.0012.328(1.134–4.777)0.021
SLC6A1 (high vs. low)2.190(1.273–3.767)0.0051.751(0.977–3.138)0.060