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Table 1 Treatment characteristics

From: Tumor endothelial ELTD1 as a predictive marker for treatment of renal cancer patients with sunitinib

Sunitinib treatmentTotal n = 99
Sunitinib first line, n (%)70 (71)
Sunitinib second line, n (%)29 (29)
Side effects leading to discontinuation of treatment, n (%)22 (22)
 First line16
 Second line6
Treated until progression/end of follow-up, n (%)77 (78)
 First line54
 Second line23
Median PFS, months (range)7 (0,5–34)
 First line7,8 (0,5–34)
 Second line6 (1–24)
Still under treatment, n (%)11 (14)