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Table 1 5-year Progression-Free Survival and Disease-Specific Survival by Anatomic and Prognosis Stage of TNBCs included in SYSUCC-PWH cohort (N = 611)

From: AJCC 8th edition prognostic staging provides no better discriminatory ability in prognosis than anatomical staging in triple negative breast cancer

 StageNo. at risk5-year PFS (95% CI)p-valueNo. at risk5-year DSS (95% CI)p-value
ASI(A*)10086.5(76.2,92.5)< 0.001**10092.9(83.4,97.0)0.001**
 IIA24087.9(82.4,91.9) 24092.7(87.7,95.7) 
 IIB13171.0(60.9,79.0) 13186.2(76.8,92.0) 
 IIIA7856.6(43.7,67.6) 7880.4(67.8,88.5) 
 IIIB2955.2(28.6,75.4) 2951.4(23.1,73.9) 
 IIIC3334.9(18.3,52.2) 3370.4(46.9,85.0) 
PSI10086.5(76.2,92.5)< 0.001**10092.9(83.4,97.0)< 0.001**
 IB9786.0(75.4,92.3) 9792.7(88.5,97.0) 
 IIA24087.9(82.4,91.9) 24092.7(89.7,95.7) 
 IIB5164.1(46.1,77.5) 5187.3(79.4,95.1) 
III22060.1(52.3,66.9)< 0.00122078.2(70.7,83.9)0.023
 IIIA8374.7(62.2,83.6) 8385.5(78.7,92.3) 
 IIIB2673.7(50.4,87.3) 2683.5(72.5,94.5) 
 IIIC11144.9(34.0,55.1) 11170.7(61.8,79.7) 
  1. **Log-rank test comparing proportions among all stage; #Log-rank test comparing proportions among Stage II; Log-rank test comparing proportions among Stage III; *No case was classified as anatomic stage IB in this cohort
  2. TNBC triple negative breast cancer, AS anatomic stage, PS prognosis stage, PFS progression-free survival, DSS disease specific survival, CI confidence interval