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Table 3 Management of NETs: Most common medical procedures used to diagnose and treat patients

From: Exploring the current status of neuroendocrine tumours: a population-based analysis of epidemiology, management and use of resources

 Total number% of admissions
Diagnostic procedures
 Tomography of abdomen or thorax497942.79
 Radiography of abdomen or thorax221219.01
 Echography of abdomen or digestive system161513.88
 Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)6955.97
 Total or partial pancreatectomy7456.40
 Partial resection of the intestine4984.28
 Total or partial cholecystectomy4263.66
 Total or partial splenectomy3382.90
 Partial hepatectomy1341.15
 Injection of other therapeutic substance132711.40
 Antibiotic injection9928.52
 Palliative care5114.39
 Steroid injection3643.13
 Anticoagulant injection3082.65
 Blood transfusion1821.56