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Table 2 Information on miRNAs, differentially expressed in both serum and tissues, as found in this study

From: Comparison of tumour and serum specific microRNA changes dissecting their role in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma: a meta-analysis

Sl. nomiRNARegulationExosomally secretedReferencesPMID
1hsa-miR-103a-3pupYesPiepoli et al.2012 [36]22479426
Zhou H et al.2014 [37]24984703
2hsa-miR-1246upYesPiepoli et al.2012 [36]22479426
Ali et al.2012 [38]22929886
Hasegawa S et al.2014 [39]25117811
3hsa-miR-191-5pupYesPiepoli et al.2012 [36]22479426
Kent OA et al.2009 [40]20037478
Nakata et al.2011 [41]22018284
Jamieson NB et al.2012 [42]22114136
Liu H et al.2014 [43]25168367
4hsa-miR-210-3pupYesNakata et al.2011 [41]22018284
Schultz et al.2012 [44]22878649
Papaconstantinou et al.2013 [45]22850622
Wang J et al.2009 [46]19723895
Ho AS et al.2010 [47]20360935
Chen WY et al.2012 [48]22672828
Takikawa T et al.2013 [49]23831622
5hsa-miR-23a-3pupYesPiepoli et al.2012 [36]22479426
Jamieson NB et al.2012 [42]22114136
6hsa-miR-320aupYesNakata et al.2011 [41]22018284
Ali et al.2012 [38]22929886
Piepoli et al.2012 [36]22479426
Xin L et al.2017 [50]28074846
Wang W et al.2016 [51]27279541
7hsa-miR-320bupYesXin L et al.2017 [50]28074846
8hsa-miR-320cupYesXin L et al.2017 [50]28074846
9hsa-miR-320dupYesXin L et al.2017 [50]28074846
10hsa-miR-331-3pupYesNakata et al.2011 [41]22018284
Piepoli et al.2012 [36]22479426
11hsa-miR-423-3pupYesNakata et al.2011 [41]22018284
12hsa-miR-4306upYesMadhavan B et al.2015 [52]25388097
Huang J et al.2016 [53]27795830
14hsa-miR-652-3pupYesNakata et al.2011 [41]22018284
15hsa-miR-92a-3pupYesPiepoli et al.2012 [36]22479426
Ohuchida et al.2012 [54]22407312
16hsa-miR-92b-3pupYesLong M et al.2017 [55]29078789
17hsa-miR-99a-5pupYesNakata et al.2011 [41]22018284
Nagao et al.2012 [56]21983937
19hsa-miR-126-3pDownYesNakata et al.2011 [41]22018284
Piepoli et al.2012 [36]22479426
Hamada et al.2011 [57]22064652
Zhou X et al.2016 [58]27626307
Feng SD et al.2017 [59]29200874
Frampton AE et al.2012 [60]22845403
21hsa-miR-16-5pDownYesOhuchida et al.2012 [54]22407312
Jamieson NB et al.2012 [42]22114136
Kent OA et al.2009 [40]20037478
Gao L et al.2014 [61]24600978
Basu A et al.2010 [62]22966344
Li Y et al.2016 [63]26929739
23hsa-miR-26a-5pDownYesAli et al.2012 [38]22929886
Laurila et al.2012 [64]22344632
Deng J et al.2013 [65]24116110
Fu X et al.2013 [66]24114270
Fukumoto I et al.2016 [67]26490187
24hsa-miR-26b-5pDownYesKent OA et al.2009 [40]20037478
Nakata et al.2011 [41]22018284
Kaur S et al.2015 [68]26605323
25hsa-miR-30a-5pDownYesJamieson NB et al.2012 [42]22114136
Yang C et al.2017 [69]29052509
26hsa-miR-30b-5pDownYesNakata et al.2011 [41]22018284
27hsa-miR-30d-5pDownYesJamieson NB et al.2012 [42]22114136
30hsa-miR-3162-5pDownNoLin MS et.2014 [70]25664025