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Table 2 Pooled hazard ratios for OS and CSS according to subgroup analyses

From: Prognostic role of pre-treatment C-reactive protein/albumin ratio in esophageal cancer: a meta-analysis

Outcome subgroupStudy numberCase numberHR (95%CI)-modelP valueHeterogeneity
I2 (%)P
OS822551.81 (1.40–2.35)-random< 0.00155.50.028
  Japan45711.98 (1.41–2.77)-fixed< 0.00100.469
  China416841.76 (1.19–2.59)-random0.00575.90.006
 Pathological type
  Squamous619491.73 (1.26–2.38)-random0.00165.00.014
  Multiple23062.18 (1.40–3.40)-fixed0.00100.597
 Proportion of NAC
  100%11491.15 (0.56–2.69)0.715  
  None312612.02 (1.13–3.62)-random< 0.00180.70.006
  Others48451.79 (1.32–2.41)-random< 0.00125.50.259
 Cut-off value
  < 0.04411051.68 (1.03–2.73)-random0.03746.60.132
  ≥ 0.04411501.94 (1.41–2.69)-random< 0.00159.00.063
CSS22592.61 (1.67–4.06)-fixed< 0.00100.748
  1. OS overall survival, CSS cancer-specific survival, NAC neoadjuvant chemotherapy, HR hazard ratio, CI confidence interval